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The Ealing Mayors Charity of choice (2019)

​In July 1993, the idea of establishing Descendants came from overwhelming parental response following a performance by young people of African and Caribbean descent performing together at St. Vincent’s RC School in Acton, West London. The evening made such an impact, and generated such positive feedback, that the founder members of Descendants (Margaret Noel, Collette Noel, Chantel Noel, Celestina Uzoka, Lorraine Neckles, Helen Manufor and Kisha Noel) held a meeting to look into the development of a sustainable cultural group. Following a successful meeting and further research, which identified a strong demand and need for this type of organisation, in September 1993, Descendants was born.

When Descendants began, there was nothing like it in the area. Its ethos was based on togetherness, being a family for African and Caribbean children to come together and learn from each other. When the club began we were not sure how it would develop. We did not have any money; however, we had an enthusiastic set of parents and interested individuals. Together as a group of parents, friends and associates we planned the Friday sessions - contributing and donating from our own pockets, we provided pens, paper and materials and, most importantly, time.” Margaret Noel, Founder

We encourage children and young people to develop a sense of pride in their abilities through increasing their self confidence. We also aim to increase their knowledge of their history and ancestry, by urging them to appreciate the accomplishments made by their ancestors. Our children are also encouraged to celebrate and recognise the positive achievements of role models in the community today.

Meet Our Team

  • Margaret Noel


    The idea of establishing Descendants’ arose out of a performance at an African and Caribbean celebration evening,

  • Denise Charles

    Committee Chair 

     I became a committee member in January 2019, this is my second year of being Chair.

    Being asked to be a committee member was a very proud moment,

  • Benjamin Busenze


    Exploring the richness of my African heritage is something I have been passionate about since the early years of university

  • Elaine Beresford


     I have been a volunteer for Descendants for over 20 years as a committee member and also a trainer/worker

  • Collette Noel

    Founder of Youth Street Beats

    I set up Youth Street Beats (YSB) in July 2002 to work with disadvantaged children and young people living in the London Borough of Ealing

Full List Of Committee Members

  • Councillor Dr Abdullah Gulaid


     Councillor Dr Abdullah Gulaid was elected as the new Mayor of Ealing in 2019, the first mayor in Ealing of African descent.

  • Sister Monica Tywang


    Sister Monica Tywang is a Sister of the Daughters of Wisdom, who has devoted her life to serve others selflessly.

  • Camara Jessica Fearon


    A singer songwriter,activist, and an advocate for Descendants; Camara is a multi-instrumentalist, mentor, Presenter, actress and ardent Charity worker.

  • Lord Paul Yaw Boateng


    Paul Boateng has been a Descendants Patron since the organisation was established in 1993. He is a British Labour Party politician,

Meet Our Patrons