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GCSE Results Day

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GCSE results day is upon us and as all the images of jubilant young people picking up their grades  start to hit TV and social media…it has got us thinking.

Sometimes there is so much negativity in the press about young people that reports of their hard work, their successes and their achievements can sometimes get pushed to the background. However we as a community need to raise up our young people, reward and celebrate their successes so that they may go on to achieve even more in the future, and in the process, inspire others.

So, whether they are collecting exam results, have had an exceptionally good school year or have made significant progress or improvement in a particular subject, there is no better way to reward their achievements than to consider nominating them for recognition at our 14th Annual Achievement Awards.

Teachers, please take note…

about the awards

The Dr John Roberts CBE Q.C Achievement Awards ceremony was established in 2005, by Margaret Noel founder of Descendants. Margaret was inspired by her sister Kim Noel, who unexpectedly passed away in 2004, aged 35. Kim always continued to ‘Aim higher’ even after having a mental health breakdown.

The awards recognise the achievements and attainments of children and young people of African and Caribbean descent and we have already reached out Ealing schools asked to nominate outstanding (in year 6 primary, all secondary and special education) pupils.

nominations: new criteria

This year we have changed the criteria for nominations to our Achievement Awards. We are inviting schools to select a maximum of Two of their finest students of African and Caribbean descent. It is our vision that by the schools recognising and nominating the young people, followed by Descendants publicly celebrating the accomplishments of the nominees and eventual winners; that they will be inspired to motivate their peers. Becoming a beacon of excellence within their schools and the wider community.

We are looking for motivated students who have made significant improvement in their education and who may also demonstrate leadership qualities. Below is a list of categories:
(a maximum of Two nominees and categories only)

  1. Students who excel in all areas of their education.
  2. Students who work hard and achieve against all the odds.
  3. Students who excel in Arts.
  4. Students who excel in Sports
  5. Future Leaders
  6. Students who you would recommend for the main award of Outstanding Student.

nomination forms for schools

 Teachers, please enjoy the remainder of your well-deserved summer break, but do remember, the deadline to receive nomination forms and supporting material is Friday, 28th September 2018.

Special Education Pupil Nomination Form

nomination form special schools 2018

Primary Pupil Nomination Form

nomination form primary 2018

Secondary Pupil Nomination Form

nomination form secondary 2018

Any questions, please contact Margaret on admin@descendants.org.uk or on 07745 889 521

the big night!

The Awards will be given out by our very special guests at a glittering ceremony, giving our nominees, their families and friends the opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy a well deserved – and extremely glamorous! – celebration. This year’s event – our 14th! – will take place as part of our 25th Anniversary Celebrations on Saturday, 27th October at the Double Tree by Hilton, Ealing Common.

Mark those calendars now!

From now, leading up to the big day we’ll be sharing more information on the event, how you can participate and, importantly, how you can purchase tickets!

This will be an inspirational event, not to be missed!

Keep checking the website and Facebook for updates, but in the meantime, take a few moments to remind yourself of our most recent events and the outstanding children and young people that were honoured here, here and here


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