Descendants 15th Annual Achievement Awards 2019 – The Results

The 2019 Dr John Roberts CBE QC Achievement Awards were hosted by Descendants committee members Pamela Masha and co-founder Collette Noel who addressed an audience which was in excess of 150 people.

Special guests at the awards included Mary McQueen, the mother of actor and film director Steve McQueen and Good Morning Britain’s weatherman Alex Beresford.

On the night, Community activist, singer, writer and Descendants patron Camara Fearon performed a song inspired by Martin Luther King to an astonished audience of school children, parents and teachers who were blown away by her  amazing voice.

Alex Beresford gave an enrapturing speech about his upbringing in Easton South West England, Bristol and his trajectory into television and presenting. Beresford spoke frankly about the company of friends one keeps and the power of education to transcend lives. Throughout Beresford’s speech, he was applauded by a banqueted audience for his sincerity and his ability to entwine humour with introspective wisdom to the young nominees and attendees. Concluding his speech, he praised the nominees for their dedication and hard work

The Winners

Winners of this 2019’s 15th Annual Dr John Roberts CBE QC Achievement Awards were:


  1. Work hard and achieve against all the odds – Fabian Whittingham
  2. Excel in all areas of Education – Huda Omer
  3. Excel in Arts – Bishop Tutu
  4. Excel in Sports – Muad Noor Ali
  5. Future Leader – Jordan Johnny
  6. Overall outstanding Primary – Omar Siraj
Primary Winner – Omar Siraj


  1. Excel in all areas of Education – Joint winners Serena EZE and Syriah Bernard Drummond
  2. Work hard and achieve against all the odds – Sharnae Wilson
  3. Excel in Arts -Malika Dennis Winfield
  4. Excel in Sports – IIhan Ismail
  5. Entrepreneurial Qualities- Justin Jones
  6. Future Leader -Precious Faleyimu
Joint secondary overall winners Livan Cappiello and Lady Ashong

Special Awards named after inspirational in the Community, past and present.

  1. Kim Noel Award – Sabrina Ahmed
  2. Willis Wilkie Award – Valentino Sutherland
  3. Connie Mark BEM MBE Award – Renee Pottinger
  4. Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE Award – Dereka Clement
  5. Steve McQueen CBE Award – Lashayah Allen
  6. Lord Paul Boateng Award – Fatma Ahmed
  7. Dr John Roberts CBE QC Overall Outstanding Secondary Award – Joint winners Livan Cappiello and Lady Ashong (in the photo)
  8. Descendant’s Special Teacher Award: Ms Carmel Cameron from Ark Acton Academy

Thank yous

The Descendants Management Committee and volunteers would like to thank Ealing Council Children and Families Service who have annually sponsored the Dr John Roberts CBE QC Achievement Awards.

We would like to thanks the following companies for donaiting raffle prizes:

  • Afro hair company, Cantu
  • Yacht London
  • Double Tree by Hilton 

The Descendants team also wish to express their gratitude to:

  • The main speaker, Alex Beresford for his engaging speech
  • The Mayor Councillor Abdullah Gulaid
  • MP for Ealing Central & Acton, Dr Rupa Huq;
  • The leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell
  • Mary McQueen
  • Visiting Professor at the University of West London, Dr Patrica Walker
  • BTEG Routes2Success Program manager, Brianna Cyrus
  • Descendants patrons’ Camara Fearon, Sister Monica Tywang and Lennox K. Thomas.
  • Child Genius Joshua Beckford,
  • Professional footballer Darius Charle
  • Ealing education representatives, Ann-Marie Smith, and Marcella Phelan MBE.  
  • All parents, carers, school teachers’ friends and supporters of Descendants for their attendance.

Most importantly, Descendants wish to congratulate all the nominees and winners of this year’s Achievement Awards for all their hard work and well-deserved recognition.

We wish you all every success in the future!

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