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Naked Weapon

It has been exactly 10 years since Naked Killer's man-killing vixens attained cult status, a decade in which Hong Kong cinema has seen more than its share of ups and downs, mostly downs. Producer-writer Wong Jing's much-awaited English-language follow-up demonstrates that the great advance in computer-generated special effects has not led to a corresponding leap in creativity. These ladies, naked or otherwise, can fight rings around their predecessors, but the outrageously hilarious tackiness of the earlier opus is somehow lost in this higher-priced sequel. The film performed dismally at the Hong Kong box office, failing to reach US$100,000, less than 10% of Naked Killer's $1.2m gross despite the considerably lower ticket prices of 1992. International prospects seem equally slim.

Naked Weapon


Madame M (Almen Wong, Her Name is Cat) kidnaps forty (40) twelve year old girls from all over the world. Each is already an accomplished martial artist or excels at some other sport. She is an entrepeneur of death and her goal is to train herself up a new killer as she had to "retire" the previous one abruptly. The girls are taken to a remote island. Six years of training in feminine wiles, various hand and weapon martial arts, and being shot if they try to escape pass. After the graduation exercises three survivors remain; self reliant Jing (Jewel Lee), Katt (Anya), and her bosom buddy, Charlene (Maggie Q). Madame M is back in business. The trio PG-13 lap dance bloodily around the globe.

"Ah! I see our newest recruit has arrived!" A big, booming, jovial voice rang out. I turned around and yelped. Seeing Amelia naked had been a surprise. But somehow it was even more shocking to see a huge bear of a black man striding up the southern stairs, swinging dick like it ain't no such thing. The blue ring around his neck was almost invisible against his skin, but his chevrons were very white and very easily seen. He held out his hand, grinning broadly. "Sergeant Barry Freeman. Once you get sent through the PC, you'll need to jump when I say boo. But for now, just call me Barry."

I gulped, then took Barry's hand. I forced myself to not get weirded out by the fact that he was completely fucking naked. Instead, I smiled and said: "Is this the test to see if I freak out about a big old dick swinging out? Cause, uh, I'll have you know...I own the Watchman director's cut."

I rubbed my shoulder and tried to subtly pop it back into joint as Amelia and Barry led me towards the southern stairs. So, I knew the basics of how the military worked, and I was pretty sure that non-comissioned officers and regular old enlisted folks didn't just rub shoulders. But then again, most armies weren't in deep space and didn't walk around buck ass naked. Speaking of being in deep space, the first thing I asked was: "How the flying fuck did I get here?"

"Stargate, kid," Barry said, nodding as we came out of the stairs and into a curving corridor. It was like one of those two story corridors in a mall. I could see the lower chambers we were walking over and there were actually people wearing clothes down there. They were operating computers and hurrying too and fro, like they had places to be, things to do. But there were also plenty of people naked. Some were going paint free. Others had enough paint to make them more paint than man.

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Institutional Investment Managers are no different than counterfeiters when they choose to naked short sell unless their position is disclosed to the public. Naked short selling is counterfieting. It is selling an illusion without ownership. The leveraging of that illusion is done without disclosure to the investor. It puts the common investor at higher risk than any home owner because there is 0 equity in the investment.

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