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Giving Birth Videos Online !LINK!

7. Though Katya considered forgoing a natural birth for an epidural because of the pain, her birthing team helped her realize her strength and continue on. This is one of the most inspiring delivery videos, because she gave birth in a calm setting, surrounded by people who believed in her.

Giving Birth Videos Online

There are plenty of free childbirth videos online. In fact, one could argue there are too many. How can you find the videos that are the most helpful, inspirational, and educational? One way is to ask a childbirth educator. Our group of Lamaze educators find the following videos most helpful to parents preparing to give birth with confidence and according to best evidence and practices:

We now offer online childbirth and breastfeeding education for your convenience. This interactive, web-based instruction contains animated illustrations, videos and games to make learning easy and fun.

Returning to work after giving birth is never easy, but having a plan can make all the difference. This class will discuss creating a pumping schedule, how and when to use your pump, milk storage, keeping up your supply, introducing the bottle, common obstacles and misconceptions and much more.

Many also accept FSA/HSA/HRA card payments; check with the organization about their policy before registering. Besides never having to leave your house to attend these classes, one of the best parts about learning birthing techniques online is you can go at your own pace.

Online "Having Your Baby at SMH," Virtual Orientation & Tour: Learn what to expect when delivering a baby at Sarasota Memorial, get answers to your birth questions, and view a virtual tour of the SMH-Sarasota Campus during this hour-long, livestreamed webinar. Click here to choose a date and register for the online class.

Online Baby Care Basics: Wondering how best care for your new baby? This program features real-life situations and videos on how to care for your new baby. Evidence-based topics included are newborn behaviors such as states of alertness, crying and comforting your newborn, bathing, nail care, diapering, infant sleep, newborn health and newborn safety. Parents often enjoy viewing the program before baby's birth and referring back after baby's birth. You will have access to the program for 6 months after purchase. To register for the online class, go to our Online Baby Care Basics Eventbrite Page. Once you've registered and paid, look for an email with course login instructions. COST: $50 + processing fee

Hearth and Home Midwifery has just released a comprehensive and interactive online birthing course for families in both midwifery and OB care. Topics include stages of labor, comfort measures and how to deal with pain, breastfeeding, and all of your options in childbirth and with your newborn. If you are planning a homebirth or to give birth at a birth center, or you are planning a hospital birth and want to know how to optimize your chances of a natural birth, this course will give you the information you need to feel prepared and informed.

St. Joseph's Health Women and Infant Services offers a variety of childbirth and new family classes available in the safety and comfort of your own home. Our online classes feature medically accurate, up-to-date information, clearly presented by experts in their fields to help you be more prepared and more confident for the arrival of your little one.

Birth stories are told through several mediums including social network sites that profoundly affect decision-making across a broad range of health topics, including pregnancy and childbirth (Drozd et al., 2018; Maguire et al., 2015; Morahan-Martin, 2004). Although characteristics of people who use social network sites for health purposes vary significantly across socioeconomic status, research is clear that females use the internet for health information seeking more often than males (Kontos et al., 2014). Pregnant women use different social network platforms for health purposes, such as mobile apps (Carter et al., 2019) and social media (Maguire et al.; Sanders, 2019). Social network platforms such as YouTube offer free video-sharing capabilities that attract millions of viewers and provide a sense of community among users ( For these reasons, YouTube has become popular for pregnant women who often share their birth stories (Baraitser, 2017; Longhurst, 2009). We analyzed birth stories shared... data from birth stories shared on YouTube due to YouTube's broad reach, video-sharing capabilities, and accessibility. Analyzing videos on YouTube enables researchers to conduct in-depth qualitative analysis through user-generated birth stories.

Results shed light on the unique challenges faced by women giving birth in the hospital setting during pandemic restrictions. Through increased awareness of women's birth stories, clinicians in the obstetrics setting can be more responsive to their needs, which may be extraordinary during extraordinary circumstances. Women may be especially vulnerable during postpartum if they lack access to usual social support sources and face isolation. Providers should consider more frequent and earlier contact with new mothers in the days and weeks after giving birth. Screening for depression and anxiety is essential to identify women who need referrals for behavioral health providers' treatment. Postpartum is a period when women's voices should be heard; allowing them the time and space to share their birth stories. Whether as a YouTube video, blog, virtual support group, or more private journal entry, women should be encouraged to share with others about the life-transforming journey to motherhood.

Watching videos that depict normal, natural births can be the catalyst to abandoning preconceived ideasabout giving birth. It is more powerful to watch a woman giving birth naturally than toread about it.

Watch this unassisted natural child birth video thatshows a mother catching her own baby while giving birth unassisted while kneeling on her bed, surrounded by herhusband and their other children. It can be used as an educational tool for families planning to have a homebirthand have their other children present at the birth.

This video gallery depicts twouncommon events: a woman giving birth on a birth stool as well as a waterbirth with a baby born "encaul" or with its amniotic sac still intact. You can clearly see the baby as it emerges underneath the water.

This gallery contrasts natural chidlbirth in the hospital with giving birth at home. The videos highlight many routine interventions, procedures and practices which have no place in a homebirth as well as the importance of choosing your place of birth wisely.

Thisvideo gallery features women giving birth to twins naturally at home. As cesarean has rapidly become the normfor most multiple births, these videos serve as a salient reminder that vaginal birth, at home or in the hospital,is also a valid choice.

These birth videos were compiled and produced to protest the overuse of the diagnosis "cephalopelvic disproportion", or a baby that is deemed to big to be born vaginally. All of the women featured in the videos had a primary cesarean section for CPD and then went on to birth their subsequent babies vaginally - and all were larger in size than their firstborn children. Some of the women also had 2 or more past cesareans and some also had vaginal births after cesarean section at home.

Please be aware that some of the childbirth video selections are graphic in nature. Some show the umbilicalcord, blood, placenta, and other graphic scenes. A Graphic warning will appear before eachvideo to ensure sufficient warning before viewing. Some videos of giving birth are waterbirth clipswhile others are of homebirths and hospital births. A few of the videos also show unassisted birth,in which no doctor or midwife is present. Either the partner, father, or mother herself willcatch the baby.

To maintain secrecy, the girl, a resident of Ambazari area, hit upon the idea of home delivery and started watching YouTube videos. "On March 2, she gave birth to a girl at her home and immediately strangled the newborn to death. She hid the body in a box in her home," the official added.

The KOPA PREPARED Essentials Course is a comprehensive online childbirth course. It focuses on preparing couples for natural birth in a hospital, free from unnecessary medical interventions. Viewing FREE Class #1 is a great way for you to sample the instruction before committing fully to the additional 7 classes of the paid online childbirth course.

-class. As you may know,, offers useful advice on all things pregnancy and parenting. But did you know they also offer free online birthing classes? Linda Murray, BabyCenter Global Editor in Chief, hosts this series.

Linda briefly covers a wide variety of subjects, from contraction timing to cord blood banking. The organization of the website makes it simple and user-friendly. The course is split into 7 chapters with several short videos in each. Chapters 1-6 discuss the stages of labor, options for pain relief, making decisions about your newborn, and a pre-delivery checklist. The final class features clips of moms sharing their birth stories.

-birthing-classes-prenatal-care. Created by Dr. Amos Gruenbaum, Baby Med offers lots of information about pregnancy and childbirth. This free online natural birthing class is entirely text-based. It requires some dedicated time to complete the reading, thus making the format is a bit difficult to digest. But the course covers a wide range of subjects, including pregnancy changes, labor facts, and pain relief options.

Katie Griffin, Founder of Kopa Birth, is a Registered Nurse, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and mom of 7. Using her nursing background and 14+ years of experience teaching birthing classes, Katie has become an expert in the field of natural hospital birth. is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research and observation, and all posts are current and evidence-based. Katie is also the instructor for the KOPA PREPARED online childbirth course and offers online coaching for pregnancy and natural birth. 041b061a72


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