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Benjamin Eliseev
Benjamin Eliseev

The B 52's Rock Lobster 1979 New Wave Meow Mix

Ahh this was a fun little place! I lived in Philly still going to college, and we'd all pile in my car and drive across the bridge to get to Gatsby's. Became a gay/mixed club in 1979. Great music, was less disco with it's mix of new wave/punk thrown in, and the DJ whose name I don't remember was a really nice black man who wanted to go to Florida.Small dance floor but friendly younger crowd. I remember when 'Rock Lobster' (B-52's) started playing here..we'd all crotch down on the floor as the song went "down, down, down....."Great days in a great era never to be repeated.

The B 52's ~ Rock Lobster 1979 New Wave Meow Mix

Our special Third Lad for this discussion is a musician whom we've loved and admired for many years, none other than singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Jeff Murphy from melodic pop/rock legends Shoes. Jeff takes us through the nearly 50 year history of Shoes, from an imaginary band with a tape recorder to DIY indie pioneers to a major label, big producers and some of the first videos shown on MTV, and ultimately returning to their independent roots in the mid-80s (and never looking back!). Along with his bassist brother John Murphy and guitarist Gary Klebe, the nucleus of this important group split the writing and singing duties on classic records such as Black Vinyl Shoes (1977), Present Tense (1979), Tongue Twister (1981), Boomerang (1982), and Silhouette (1984). Jeff has also notably produced bands such as Material Issue and pre-Garbage band Spooner in Shoes' Short Order Recorder Studio. 041b061a72


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