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Easton King
Easton King

180 : Showdown In The Ancient Ruins! Sky God En...

At some point Cybertronians visited ancient Greece and left an Energon Harvester there. When Bulkhead and Miko paid a visit to check out an energon trace, they found an ancient fresco among ruins at a construction site, which featured the device. At some point the Harvester had been relocated to a museum in the U.S. and the Decepticons got their hands on it. Starscream took it back to Greece to test it out on the energon deposit there, however Bulkhead managed to break it, and it exploded in the sky over the site. Deus ex Machina

180 : Showdown in the Ancient Ruins! Sky God En...

With his hand held skyward, Nagash let loose a pillar of darkness that pieced the sky and spoke the final words of power that would awaken the dead of the world from their graves. The Annulii Mountains in Ulthuan trembled, as waystones and the seas around the Isle of the Dead turned black. In Naggaroth, purple flames swept through the secret shrines to Ereth Khial, and a ghostly city screamed its way into existence atop the ruins of Har Kaldra. Swarms of khepra beetles overran Nehekhara's temples, and ancient monuments that had dominated the desert for millennial sank beneath the sands. Settra the Imperishable railed at his priest, demanding an explanation that none could provide. In Altdorf, the reclusive Amethyst College crumbled away into dust, and the spectral spirits of long-dead wizards stalked the streets. From anywhere and everywhere, the dead were slowly answering the call of Nagash.[1p]

The World is in turmoil. The Forces of Darkness have already arrived and with them, madness and rage has engulfed the world. Empire's have fallen into dust, ancient Kingdoms ground to ash, and entire people wiped out from the face of the earth. And yet, the wars are far from over, for the raging maelstrom struck at the very heart of the wastes continues to grow into apocalyptic levels. Nehekhara has fallen into the sands. Tilea and Estalia are nothing but ruins infested with rats. Naggaroth has once more become a lifeless land of ice. Those that remain, the Empire, Ulthuan, Karaz Ankor, Lustria and many more continue to battle on, for they represent the greatest bastion of light against the encroaching doom that have already broken through their very gates.

Upon the Temple, Mazdamundi had finally reached the solar chambers where he finally could grasp and wield the full power of the overflowing Geomantic Grid. As he rose to the plinth of power and began the Great Exodus, the minds of all the remaining Slann within the World had formed into one to aid their eldest in this dire time. At dozens of sites all around Lustria, massive stone blocks that had not moved in ten thousand years were shifted. Words of command were spoken that had not been uttered since the days before the first elves, dwarfs or men walked the world. Strange lights ran within the stonework pyramid-temple of Hexoatl, and a hitherto unknown ramp lowered from the Great Ziggurat of Tepok. Rumbling shook all around the Obelisk of Silver Stars in Itza. In the lonely jungle outposts of Chicxulubta, stone stairs opened amidst the overgrown ruins, leading to a long-buried structure. Excitable skinks squawked and clicked, not knowing what to make of the situation. Certain of their kind -high priests or key attendants - were summoned to enter such edifices along with the slann mage-priests. The majority of the lizardmen, however, were left behind, the skinks' questions unanswered. All watched in amazement at what happened next. With the crack of thunder, the monoliths rose high into the air upon the winds of magic so ancient and powerful that none comprehend it. For a moment, these monoliths hovered in the sky, their hulk as large as mountains before a flash of light appeared, their bulks moving faster than anything humanly possible as they were slingshot to the night sky. For the Slann, it was time to return to the stars. 041b061a72


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