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Cracked Tusk Keep Black Soul Gem Grand _BEST_

Black souls are those of sentient, humanoid beings, such as Men, Mer, Argonians, Khajiit, and Dremora, whereas white souls are those of animals and certain lesser Daedra. All black souls are of the grand level. The main benefit of a black soul gem is that it can capture grand leveled souls from humanoids, whereas those souls cannot normally be captured. These sources tend to be plentiful and easier to kill, compared with common grand level white soul sources, such as mammoths. Black soul gems can also absorb souls that are smaller than grand. Nelacar can transform the star of Daedric Prince Azura into a black soul gem with unlimited uses. This artifact is known as The Black Star, which can be obtained during the quest of the same name.

cracked tusk keep black soul gem grand

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Souls snared in black soul gems can be of any type. However, unlike standard soul gems, they can encapsulate the souls of humanoids. There are many methods by which souls are trapped in black soul gems, the most conventional being the Soul Trap Conjuration spell. The perk "Soul Stealer" allows bound weapons to soul trap targets, and an enchantment serving the same function can be added to ordinary weapons. Black soul gems can also be used to create items at the Atronach Forge.

Black soul gems can be found randomly in chests, on tables in caves, and also appear as random loot on necromancers, giants, hagravens, Forsworn Briarhearts, and very rarely, draugr. Additionally, magic anomalies drop black soul gems filled with grand souls. They are also available for purchase from Enthir, a mage of the College of Winterhold, as well as from Falion in Morthal. Each gem is priced at about 1300 . Black soul gems can also be obtained by mining geode veins, found only in Blackreach. With Dawnguard, they can also now be made from grand and greater soul gems by activating the Lightning Attractor in the Soul Cairn. The Lightning Attractor cannot be activated a second time. Black soul gems in Skyrim are much more common than they were in Oblivion.

Contributions by lots of peopleLW = Load Warpqsql = quicksave & quickload-> = move to (candidates for horse tilting)/> = tilt toc> = carriage toF> = Fast travel toRoute=====HelgenBasketBucketsKettleSalt Pile-> WhiterunDragonsreachtalk to jarl-> EorlundGold (with vendor refresh)Leather HelmetLeather BracersLeatherLeather StripsIron Ingot/SteelHunting BowSteel/Iron DaggerArrowsLevel up speech to 18 (with vendor glitch)-> Alchemy ShopAbecean Longfin or Cyrodilic SpadetailBlisterwortSpriggan SapDeathbellTroll FatLevel Alchemy to 40Perks: 3xAlchemist, 1xPhysician, 1xBenefactorF> Palagia FarmRun to stablesBuy horseMake tilt saveF> Riverwood /> Bleak Falls Barrowget cabin fast travel point on the wayget dragonstoneF> Dragonsreachhand in dragonstonestart dragon risingbuy grand soul gemc> SolitudeDupe Abecean Longfin and Salt Pile (at least x15)Dupe Grand Soul Gem (at least 4x)qsql and wait through executiongrab amulet of talos off bodywait until 11am ish-> Radiant RaimentAlchemy pieceNecklaceRingDupe alchemy item (2x)-> PalaceDo Mind of Madnesscomplete quest => The Mind of MadnessEnchant Alchemy GearF> Solitude -> Alchemy ShopFort Resto glitch -> 100 Alchemy twicemake OP Smithing pot-> Blacksmithmake OP daggermake OP bowF> Solitude -> InnGet fuckin wasted with Sanguine(warped) -> MarkarthGet Keep travel pointRun to front and kill forsworn guyTravel to KeepBuy silver ingot from blacksmithStart taste of deathStart Haunted mansionLW out of Mansion when done w/ animationF> Whiterun Stables -> Watchtowerrun to dragonkill dragonstart absorb soulRiverwood /> High HrothgarDo Shout Skipdo Greybeards as normal until you get Wuldafter getting Wuld drink potion & equip amulet of Talos (stops crashing)Hrothgar /> SeptimusSteal Cube from Septimusc> Windhelm /> Shrine of Azura (S of Winterhold)talk to priestWhiterun Stables /> Mzarksolve puzzletake cube back (ignore scroll)F> Septimus' HouseHand in cubeLW out to skip hermyF> MzarkGo down into blackreachHarvest Falmer bloodLW outc> FalkreathStart A Daedra's Best FriendStart Ill Met By MoonlightKill Stag (Stag's clearing (E of Falkreath))F> Helgen -> Haemar's Shame (E of Helgen)Kill vampsget vamp dusttalk to Clavicus Vileget Meridia's beaconF> Solitude /> Statue of Meridia (W of Solitude)do questcomplete quest => The Break of Dawn/> Rimerock Burrow (top left, W of Meridia)get axeF> Haemarcomplete quest => A Daedra's Best Friend/> Random molag dungeontilt from spot closestF> Markarth /> Boat (N of Reachwater Rock)(on the way to karthspire, in the river, to the left)get flawless ruby-> Reachcliff Cave (SE of Markarth)talk to canibalsF> Markarthtalk to molagcomplete quest => The House of HorrorsLW out of spooky mansionget preist dudeF> Reachcliffeat preist dudecomplete quest => The Taste of DeathF> Watchtower /> Rorikstead (E of Markarth)talk to farmerF> Dragonsreachtalk to jarltalk to wifeinn -> talk to barkeep for questdragonsreach -> do whispering doorcomplete quest => The Whispering Doorc> Windhelm -> Morvunskar (SW of Windhelm)find sanguineHarvest High and Dark elf bloodcomplete quest => A Night To RememberF> Windhelm /> Sacellum of Boethiah (SW of Windhelm)sacrifice followerc> Dawnstarstart moosusmm quest-> Nightcaller Temple (SE of Dawnstar)do questcomplete quest => Waking NightmareLW out of Nightcaller TempleF> Falkreath /> Cracked Tusk Keep (W of Falkreath)get next 4 fast travel locations with the tilt, do them in whatever orderget dagger pieceHarvest Orc blood/> Knifepoint Ridge (NW of Falkreach)murder everyonecomplete quest => Boethiah's Calling/> Ilinalta's Deep (W of Anise's Cabin)get star/> Bloated Man's Grottokill werewolfcomplete quest => Ill Met By MoonlightLW outF> Reachcliff /> Dead Crone Rock (S of Markarth)get dagger piecec> Morthalpickpocket keyget dagger pieceF> Dawnstarhand in dagger piecesF> Winterholdtalk to mage dudego into starkill other dudeget daedra heartcomplete quest => The Black StarF> Mzark /> Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (SE of Morthal)kill dudecomplete quest => Pieces of the PastF> Markarth /> Peryite (North of Karthspire)hand in itemsget high-> Bthardamz (West of the Shrine to Peryite)clip inkill dudeLW out of BthardamzF> Peryitecomplete quest => The Only CureF> Haemar /> Largashbur (SW of Riften)kill gianthand in ingredientsget quest/> Fallowstone Cave (NE of Riften)kill gientget axeF> Largashburcomplete quest => The Cursed TribeF> Septimus' HouseWuld over the Wretched Abysscomplete quest => Discerning the Transmundane-done-Quest locations (For routing reference)===============1. Mephala: The Whispering Door1. Whiterun2. Sheogorath: The Mind of Madness1. Solitude3. Clavicus Vile: A Daedra's Best Friend1. Falkreath2. Haemar's Shame (E of Helgen)3. Rimerock Burrow (top left, W of Meridia)4. Haemar's ShameMalacath: The Cursed Tribe1. Alchemy shop (troll fat + daedric heart)2. Largashbur (SW of Riften)3. Fallowstone Cave (NE of Riften)4. LargashburMeridia: The Break of Dawn1. ??? (Find beacon) - Spawns in first eligible dungeon you enter after hitting level requirement2. Statue of Meridia (W of Solitude)Peryite: The Only Cure1. Whiterun (Jarl's Quarters, for Silver Ingot)2. Alchemy Shop (Solitude?, for Deathbell)3. Vampire Dungeon (Clavicus quest?, for Vampire Dust)4. Boat (N of Reachwater Rock, for Flawless Ruby)5. Shrine of Peryite6. Bthardamz7. Shrine of PeryiteSanguine: A Night to Remember1. Inn (In city where you hit 14)2. Markarth (Teleported)3. Rorikstead (E of Markarth)4. Whiterun5. Morvunskar (SW of Windhelm)Hermaeus Mora: Discerning the Transmundane1. Septimus Signus's Outpost (N of Whiterhold)2. Tower of Mzark3. Septimus Signus's Outpost4. (various, where ever blood is)5. Septimus Signus's OutpostMehrunes Dagon: Pieces of the Past1. Dawnstar2. Dead Crone Rock (S of Markarth)3. Cracked Tusk Keep (W of Falkreath)4. Morthal5. Dawnstar6. Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (SE of Morthal)Boethiah: Boethiah's Calling1. Sacellum of Boethiah (SW of Windhelm)2. Knifepoint Ridge (NW of Falkreach)Hircine: Ill Met by Moonlight1. Falkreath2. Stag's clearing (E of Falkreath)3. Bloated Man's Grotto (N of Falkreath)Molag Bal: The House of Horrors1. Markarth2. Random Dungeon (All W end of map)3. MarkarthNamira: The Taste of Death1. Markarth2. Reachcliff Cave (SE of Markarth)3. Markarth4. Reachcliff CaveAzura: The Black Star / Azura's Star1. Ilinalta's Deep (N of Falkreath)2. Shrine of Azura (S of Winterhold)3. WinterholdVaermina: Waking Nightmare1. Dawnstar2. Nightcaller Temple (SE of Dawnstar)

One of the main theories for this is that souls are a type of currency for the keepers of the Soul Cairn and that there could be some sort of exchange happening between immortal beings. Although the fanbase may never know for sure, this is one of the leading theories, and the most likely reason souls are collected.

Another great tool for enchanters to use is the Soul Trap weapon enchantment. Using the enchantment on primary weapons will allow players to keep all of their Souls Gems stocked full with souls for enchantments without having to constantly switch to the Soul Trap spell.

Maiev ordered his corpse to be brought to the Vault of the Wardens on the Broken Isles, determined to force Illidan's undying demon soul to suffer the rest of his sentence for eternity. As the wardens prepared to transport his body, however, the Illidari who had been dispatched to Mardum returned through a portal from their successful mission to retrieve the [Sargerite Keystone]. Learning of their master's fate, the demon hunters attacked, cutting through the briefly-disoriented wardens, until Maiev was able to disable and imprison them by turning the very power they relied on against them. On Maiev's order, the Illidari were transported along with Illidan to the Vault, where she intended to keep them locked away for eternity.[51]

Gul'dan sought to use Illidan's body as a vessel for Sargeras' spirit, and so Xe'ra and the Illidari planned to return Illidan's soul to his body before it was too late.[59] Allari the Souleater constructed a soul prism that would store Illidan's soul long enough to transfer him inside [Light's Heart]. However, Illidan's soul had been stolen out of the Nether and pulled into Helheim.[60] Xe'ra and the Illidari speculated that Gul'dan had struck a deal with Helya to retrieve and keep it there. After the death of Helya, his soul was put into the soul prism and then brought to Light's Heart which seemingly consumed it.[61] Light's Heart, with Illidan's soul inside, was brought to Archmage Khadgar with instructions to call forth the vessel's power when Gul'dan attempts to open the portal for Sargeras in order to release Illidan's soul into his body.[62]


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