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Should I Buy A Nook Or A Kindle

Some say that having more options will be good for the consumers, but for Barnes and Noble, an e-reader is for reading books, it should not be bloated with fancy and confusing features that make reading very complicated.

should i buy a nook or a kindle

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Take the Nook Glowlight Plus that is waterproof, for example. When Nook released the next generation of their e-reader, people are expecting it to be waterproof as well, it should have better features and better performance.

This article compares the Barnes & Noble nook with the newest Amazon Kindle 3G. If you want to compare the nook with other Kindle versions, please see Kindle DX vs nook and Kindle (original) vs. nook.

Both Kindle 2 and nook have a 6-inch display with E-Ink technology, 16-level grayscale contrast and adjustable text size. However, the display of the nook is less responsive than the Kindle's. David Pogue at the New York Times writes that

The Nook also has a 3.5-inch color touch screen that is used for highlighting text, adding bookmarks and navigating the internal library. The touch screen can be turned into a keyboard for making annotations and taking notes, or a controller for the MP3 player. Arrow keys on either side of the device control page-turning. When not in use, the nook's touch screen goes dark.

According to Amazon, the Kindle has access to more than 360,000 e-books as well as newspapers, magazines and blogs that can be wirelessly downloaded from According to Barnes & Noble, more than one million newspaper, magazine and e-book titles can be purchased online at for the nook. This includes access to over 500,000 free e-books. These e-books are also available on the Kindle but Amazon does not count them when they advertise because they are copyright-free, low-resolution scans available on Google Books.

The Kindle 2 3G uses Sprint's network to connect to to download content. The nook uses AT&T's network for the same purpose. The nook also offers 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity to get online, plus a free Wi-Fi connection in all Barnes & Noble stores. However, you get no notification when you are near a wireless hot spot. And if the wireless network requires a login or welcome screen, you cannot log on to it.

Best overall e-ink readers: Kindle Paperwhite. In addition to its built-in light and touch-screen, the 2012 Kindle Paperwhite )starts at $119) offers access to Amazon's best-in-class e-book store, helping it win the e-ink race by a nose. The best e-ink alternative is the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, another excellent self-illuminated e-reader -- just note that Barnes & Noble's selection of e-books isn't quite as vast (nor often as cheap) -- as Amazon's. That said, the Nook is ad-free, a privilege that will cost you $20 extra for the Paperwhite. International readers should also consider the Kobo Glo, another worthwhile self-illuminated e-reader, though it's somewhat hampered by Kobo's content selection, which pales in comparison to Amazon and B&N. However, both the Nook and Kobo readers work with third-party EPUB e-book purchases, while the Kindle does not.

Even if you plan to never leave home with your e-book reader, you should consider its size before buying one. Since you hold the device in front of you whenever you read from it, weight and size are critical issues.

Whether you're checking your preference for e-ink versus LCD or a touch screen versus keyboard controls, we'd strongly recommend that you try a few devices before you buy one. You'll find most major e-book readers (Kindles, Nooks, Sony Readers, Apple iPads, Android tablets) under one roof at your local Best Buy; iPads can be found at Apple stores, of course; and all flavors of Nooks are on display at your local Barnes & Noble store. Nexus 7 tablets are a bit harder to find, but should be at your local GameStop and Staples stores.

In most cases, if you want to put your textbooks on an e-reader, you should get a Kindle. Though the Kobo e-readers can store and display any book in the EPUB format, the selection of textbooks is more limited. Amazon has an entire textbook storefront that includes the option to rent books. Not all books are well suited for e-readers, though; if your course or content requires a lot of flipping back and forth, or needs color images, you may want to stick with a print edition.

Finding which of the best Kindles and e-readers is right for you shouldn't be too tough. But Amazon had to complicate things. It now sells three Paperwhite Kindles and two other models, plus kid versions of the regular Kindle and the Paperwhite. What once was simple as reading a page-turner is now not so easy. And some news about the Kindle app experience on Android will make buying a physical Kindle all the more important to some.

These methods should work for any version of Amazon's Kindle Fire. This article focuses on accessing Nook books, but these approaches will work for any EPUB format books. You can also use Amazon's Send to Kindle app to send an EPUB file to your device, but it won't be a "true" EPUB; Amazon will convert it to a format that runs on the Kindle.

To download a new title to read on your beloved e-reader, you will need to have access to the internet. Depending on the make and model that you buy, you should be able to get online using 4G mobile data or Wi-Fi.

"@context":"https:\/\/","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":["@type":"Question","name":"What are all the different types of Kindles?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Amazon has 3 different types of e-readers on the market:\n\nKindle \u2014 6-inches\nKindle Paperwhite \u2014 6.8-inches\nKindle Oasis \u2014 7-inches\n\nThe basic Kindle has 300 ppi, 16 GB storage, and isn\u2019t waterproof. The Paperweight and Oasis come with larger storage options, 300 ppi, and are waterproof up to 2 meters.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Can you read a Kindle in the dark?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"All 3 Kindle models come with adjustable lights. This means that Kindles can be read in the dark or at night without a light.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Is a Kindle or Kobo better?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"While there may not be too much difference in the technical specifications of the comparable Kindle and Kobo models, Kobo edges Kindle in price. However, the service and book availability on Kindle outranks Kobo, so Kindle gets the vote if you\u2019re willing to pay that little bit extra on the device itself.\n","@type":"Question","name":"Are e-readers worth it?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"E-readers allow you to carry hundreds of titles around with you at any one time, all safely tucked away behind an easy-to-read screen, and in a light and compact electronic format. Sure, you may initially miss the feel of a book or the smell of the paper, but once you realize just how much of a game-changer an e-reader can be, you won\u2019t regret switching over to the dark side for a single minute.\n","@type":"Question","name":"What should I look for with an e-reader?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"E-reader specifications can vary dramatically. Before you commit, make sure to take into consideration all of the following:\n\n\nConnectivity\nTouch screen\nMemory\nScreen size and clarity\nBattery life\nWeight\n\n\n"] Was this page helpful?(87% of participants clicked "Yes")

Install Epubor Ultimate to your Windows and launch it. All your newly downloaded nook contents will be imported automatically and will be listed on the left sidebar. Just drag them to the right interface of the program, DRM will be removed quickly.

The decrypted files will be non-drm ePub. But for kindle reading, we also should convert the Nook to Kindle format. Select Mobi or AZW3 as output format and click on "Convert" button to start the conversion.

Connect your Kindle eReader to computer via USB cable. Double click the Kindle drive, and you will see there is a "Documents" folder. Then drag your converted mobi or azw3 ebooks to the "Documents" folder. Done. Then safely eject your Kindle device from your computer. Start your Kindle, and you will be able to read your nook books on your Kindle Paperwhite.

The Nook, Kindle and Sony Reader are all e-readers around the same price; however, each has unique features that are not offered in other readers. Buyers should study the differences between each e-reader, paying careful attention to the features that are the most important. The Kindle is the least expensive, costing around $115, with the Nook running a close second at around $140. The least expensive Sony Reader is Pocket Edition at $179 at time of publication.

nook owners and B&N eReader customers traveling abroad can access their online eBooks Library wherever they have Wi-Fi connectivity, but they cannot purchase from our eBook store from anywhere outside the United States and U.S. Territories, with the exception (beginning in December) of Canada. Subscriptions that arrive while you travel will be placed in your online eBooks Library, and can be synced to your nook over Wi-Fi.

It should be noted that all e-readers are capable of reading books installed into their memory through USB (assuming the proper format). Purchasing or downloading books wirelessly is not necessarily required. So if you buy your ePub format books from a third party and download them to your laptop, you should be able to transfer them to your Nook to read wherever. Or you could simply load your memory up with as many books as you possibly can before your trip, and not worry about it.

So, the Nook Sucks. Why B&N sell an imperfect ereader. This is awsome. They want to sell the nook at all costs misleading consumers.I have the International Kindle an its the best ereader. (i have the Hanlin v3 too or Papyre) but its worst.

there are also third-party hacks for the kindle to let you change the screensaver pictures. but the thing that I would want to see is the ability of the device to _NOT_ go into screensaver mode when turned off, but to leave the page I am reading up so then when I pick the device up I can start reading while I wait for it to turn on again. 041b061a72


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