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Download 322k Txt ->>>

The whole process seems a bit convoluted to me - so could you recommend a tool that I could run on my PC to connect to the Unix box and automatically download the log file - so I could dissect it on my Windows machine where I have all the required tools (my Unix access is very restricted - so viewing a log file on the Unix box is not really an option).

This directory contains binary and source archive files of the 1.04 version of the Galago search API that was referenced in the Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice text book by Croft, Metzler and Strohman (2009). A free download of the first edition of this book, corrected for errors, is available. Also, see for a downloadable list of resources used in support of this book, such as slides and test collections. More recent versions of the Galago search API is available on the SourceForge hosting site under the Lemur Project. 59ce067264


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