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One Night At Flumpty's 2 Pc Download

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one night at flumpty's 2 pc download

We really love the mechanics of this game. Its really balanced with the owl forcing you to not sit in the dark the whole night, the limited laptop battery and the exposure meter. They all work so well together. This game also has some more lore to it like the introduction of eyesaur who is a monster of corpses and the newspaper after beating hard mode talking about an apocalypse which is seen in ONaF3 regular ending. Just the small details. And one last thing, we like that different characters affect you in different ways. Flumpty gives you a second to react since its hard to predict when hell jump in. Grunkfuss the clown does more exposure since hes closer to you, and Eyesaur does a crazy amount because it has so many eyes. For a FNaF fan game this is incredible visually and game play wise. Very unique we love it!

This game is just as good as the first one and the original five nights at Freddys. It stands out with its mechanics characters and style! We got this one first and Ill definitely get the first one soon!

Eggs are the best we now eat eggs every day and we think this is the best video game ever forget playing the actual fnaf games when this game is A cheaper and B more fun you should download this game in fact why arent you downloading this game right now you should before we send Flumpty.

Alright, so we downloaded the original onaf when it first came out. We became addicted. But this version is actually perfect. The buttons are not broken and it feels really well. We absolutely LOVE this franchise.


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