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As the largest supplier of UK brick Slips and a manufacturer of hand made brick slips, we strive to ensure our in-house real clay brick slips are the best on the market, We quality control our brick slips production to the highest standards. This means you get brick tiles that offer the best quality for you to use indoor or outdoors.

Brick slips made from real clay bricks. Find the best and highest quality brick slips from Slips From Stock. Available in various shapes, Modern Brick Slips are created by cutting the face off of full bricks. They are used for both internal and external walls.

Our range includes Handmade Brick Slips, Reclaimed Brick Slips, And Modern Brick Slips however we have the capabilities to cut any brick into slips or tiles for your project, just give us a call!

All our Brick Slips are suitable for Internal and external projects. All our brick slips are suitable for fire places, log burners, and stoves, Kitchens, bathrooms, and any internal or external walls.

We have a very concise news section to keep you updated on the ins and outs of brick slips. We are the home of the original London Weathered Yellow brick slips as well the famous Mystique brick slip.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best Brick Slips and service possible. This is the precise reason we only offer brick slips made from genuine clay bricks! Alternatively, we could offer slips made from cheaper material such as acrylic. However, acrylic brick slips do not offer the same genuine brick wall feeling you get from clay Brick Slips. To make our reclaimed brick slips we cut the two faces off of a real brick. This then leaves you with your two Slips. No two bricks are the same nor are two of our slips. Furthermore our brick slips are handmade. This helps to keep them from all becoming uniform which takes away from the real brick wall illusion

Unfortunately, Brick Slips are not immune to attract dust and dirt and if you leave your slips unsealed these can be quite difficult to clean off. Especially on brick slips such as our Euphoria Brick Slips as if you allow too much dust to gather you may find yourself brushing away some of the gold dust that is part of the character of the brick slips.

Using Brick Slips in the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular, the urge to create a personal space that reflects the individual living in that home. Brick slips offer a variety of personality and colour that allows you to create perfect bathroom aesthetics. Bathroom Brick Slips offer a dramatic change in the bathroom, it creates its own aesthetic to create a modern look based on your needs. Bathroom brick slips, in particular, offer a wide variety of designs that can be intermixed to create various looks. Some bathroom brick slips provide a sleek look, if you want a modern bathroom, whereas, others offer a rustic texture that provides a genuine brick finish.

You would be forgiven for thinking that brick slip pointing mortar is the same as grout. After all, once the mortar has been applied and dried, the appearance is indistinguishable from that of tile grout.

Since its founding in 1891, Acme Brick has continually advanced the art and science of brickmaking, to make brick an affordable, sustainable, enduring, and beautiful choice for America's homeowners, builders, contractors, institutions, and businesses.

In ways large and small, Acme Brick associates work hard to make brick a sustainable, high-performance building material that's as good for the environment as it is for the people who build with it. Read our Corporate Sustainability Report.

Acme Brick Company makes brick for every type of home and for every budget, from starter homes to mansions.All Acme Brick are manufactured to exceed the standards of applicable building codes, and all residential brick made by Acme are backed with a 100 Year Limited Guarantee.

Show your Packers pride, memorialize a loved one, or celebrate a special event by having your message displayed on a commemorative brick or tile to be installed at Lambeau Field. Replica products are also available for selected items and can be proudly displayed at your home or office.

Timeless and classic, exposed brick walls are still popular in modern design. Our natural thin brick tile can be used for both interior and exterior wall applications and allows for the creation of real brick interior design features such as floor-to-ceiling brick walls, fireplaces, columns, and backsplashes.

Note: Not all products in these IDEA BOOKS are available for online purchase in this store. You can purchase stocking Slimbrick and some Cultured Stone online, for full product lines available visit our company website at

Mutual Materials Slimbrick tiles sold on this store can be shipped anywhere in the United States. We use parcel post shipping options such as USPS and UPS. Large, multi-box orders may be palletized and shipped for truck delivery.

NOTE: All Slimbrick is packaged for safe handling during shipping. If you visit a Mutual Materials branch store for Slimbrick, not all colors or sizes of product may be in stock. Branch packaged Slimbrick has more pieces packaged in an open faced and banded cardboard carrier which is heavier to carry but designed for convenience with immediate installation. For the full selection of Slimbrick and in shippable boxes, ordering from this online store is best.

Building environmentally responsible means building with brick. Brick are made from naturally abundant clay and shale. Because brick breathes and allows water to evaporate it is beneficial to help with moisture issues. In addition to lowering energy consumption because of inherent thermal properties, brick is non-flammable and non-combustible.

At Cherokee Brick, our clay mixture is never wasted. All of our clay material is consumed at some point during our manufacturing process. Anything left over can be reused or converted into other products throughout our brick manufacturing company.Our kilns run on both natural and methane gas. For decades, Cherokee has piped methane gas from the local landfill to use as fuel in our kilns.

Is your job running behind schedule Is the completion date approaching quickly No worries. Here is the line of bricks that are manufactured in the brick veneer form, and can be shipped to your job site as soon as possible. Do not wait any longer, call us so we can alleviate the pressure of your deadline.

Brick It never stays still. We are always actively working to expand our line of bricks. We strive to offer our clients new array of colors and textures. Here are our new arrivals. Please order your sample board online today!

If the brick you like is not manufactured in a thin veneer product line, no worries! Brick It offers brick cutting service which allows us to turn essentially any sized full brick into a thin veneer. And by the way, our hi-tech automatic equipment allows us to keep the price just right!

The Phoenix Zoo offers many ways to pay tribute to someone special including plaques, benches, tiles and other opportunities to show your care and concern. We will inform the recipient of your gift and how it helps the Zoo accomplish its mission of advancing the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats while providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

Set your support for the Phoenix Zoo in stone with a brick in Predator Passage, the long-awaited and exciting expansion of the Africa Trail, which is currently under construction and expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.

Durable. Versatile. Timeless. Defined by its rustic surface, our sustainable glazed thin Brick tile is a favorite among designers and architects for the distinctive texture it brings to both indoor and outdoor brick tile installations. Discover over 35 lead-free, hand-applied glazes and styles ranging from earthy exposed brick to vibrant pops of color. Choose up to 5 free color samples, shipped directly to you. As part of Fireclay Tile's commitment to protecting and honoring our planet, we're donating 1% of all Brick sales to National Parks Conservation Association.

We recommend using a natural color sanded grout and avoiding contrasting grout colors. Contrasting grout colors should be used with grout release and tested for staining on the thin brick before grouting.

Moulded by hand or cut from new or recycled clay bricks, our brick facings are reliably solid, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, low-maintenance and can be easily installed indoors and out. Exposed brick walls have long been a seen as a holy grail of interiors, the perfect solution for creating a stylish, yet understated feature wall.

Variation in color, shade, size, minor edge irregularities (including occasional chipped sides/edges), and surface texture (such as fissures, folds, and bubbles) are common, natural characteristics of our handmade glass tiles and should be expected. These characteristics are the direct result of the artisan's interaction and craft with the glass medium, producing one-of-a-kind tiles intended to enhance the beauty and tone of the space.Samples and photos are representative but may not indicate all variations of our handcrafted glass tiles.Please review the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications charts before purchase, and see our Glass Installation Guidelines for further information.

Our saw shop opens a world of possibilities for our customers and their projects using authentic brick. For interior applications such as a mud room, foyer, kitchen or bathroom floor, we can provide any of our reclaimed street brick pavers as floor tiles! Whether it is our Jamestown Classic Brick Series (linked), our Metropolitan Bricks (linked), or one of our other reclaimed street brick products, we can cut down the used material to your desired floor tile thickness to make your dream project a reality. 59ce067264


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