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Unviewable Vba Download ##TOP##

I downloaded an excel file having a few very interesting macros attached. The problem was that the VBA project was password protected. So I used the "Hex method" for replacing the password, but when I try to access the VBA project, instead of dialog box for password input, I receive the message "Project is unviewable". 2 additional comments:- the file is not shared;- I don't know in what version of excel the file was created (I use Office 2003), but I don't think is relevant because before "Hex method" when I tried to access the VBA project a dialog box opened (so no "Project is unviewable" message).Thanking in advance for any help,Bogdan

Unviewable Vba Download

You say you have downloaded a file, if project is locked it means the author does not want to share the code that may have taken considerable time to write. Is there a valid reason why you should not respect that.Regards,Peter T"Bogdan" wrote in message

I have excel addin created using excel 95 version. I couldnt open the macro since its throwing "Project is unviewable" warning. Please help to view the macro code using Hex method or any other way.You can write to my email id Thanks in advance.--sudha

The unviewable state in VBE can be achieved by a much easier method: by protecting the workbook with a sharing password. However, Unviewable+ locked files are defended by several protection layers behind the scenes. Please review the demo samples available at product page.

Hi all, I tried to use Lance script and for me it worked, I think! Project unviewable for Excel 2016 xlsm file. After, saved it to XLS and tried to do the DPX trick. File corrupted, nothing inside the file or the VBA Project. Do you guys had the same results? Lance, your file gives me unexpected error 40230 while opening. despite working. Also, cant we always force user to save the file as xlsm or xlsb? Would it help?

Automation is all the rage these days. Automation can thrash labor markets while simultaneously exploding productivity and profits. It will also make human jobs less boring (assuming we still have jobs). In this tutorial, we will learn how to use VBA to programmatically download files based on URLs. We might already know these URLs, or we may have to scrape them from the web and parse them. This is automation of a rather dull task, so implementing it hopefully has a positive impact on your work.

I know this is a rather long function declaration. Libraries are basically sets of prewritten code, usually optimized by the library developer (Microsoft, for this library). All the code needed to access a URL, download the stream of bits and bytes, then structure them back into a file on the hard drive is conveniently wrapped into this single function. All we have to do is throw this declaration at the top to begin using it.

If the list of files you want to download is small enough, you could manually label each URL and use the label as the filename. For example, you could have 2 columns in Excel: the first column will contain the file name and the second column will contain the URL you want to download, like this:

Since we know we only want to download jpg pictures in this example, we hard-coded the .jpg extension in our URLDownloadToFile function. Once downloaded, we should have a folder with files looking something like this:

In this tutorial, you learned how to use VBA to download files. We used images in our examples, but you can download any file type. The entire automation process can be quite long and may require a lot of research, but this tutorial will get you on your way. Automation can help reduce tedious work, but always remember to consider the ethical implications that arise from automating work, from job elimination to revenue theft.

VBA Password Bypasser is advanced tool for VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) projects / macro password and protection removal.With VBA Password Bypasser you can open your VBA Project whatever the protection used is: password protected, locked project or unviewable project.

Project LockedProject is unviewable even though you did not lock the project for viewing in the properties for the project. This message may also appear if you click VBAProject Properties on the Tools menu in the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.

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Is the file that you download named Excel-VBA-Shell-Function.xlsm? If the file extension is not .xlsm then your browser is probably changing this. Some browsers have the really annoying habit of doing this.

VBA Password Bypasser allows you to access password protected, locked or unviewable VBA projects in MS Office [Access, Excel, ...], WordPerfect, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, etc. Build-in VBA code viewer to filter files with potentially harmful (hidden) code.


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