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Kings Of War Uncharted Empires Pdf 17

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Kings Of War Uncharted Empires Pdf 17

Pain expands his thesis from the purpose, to discuss the methods of the colonies, and their rights, and obligations as a united empire. Paine states that the colonies should work together to coordinate their efforts. He is critical of any colonies who have tendencies to try and bridge gaps between themselves. Instead, he calls for the colonies to come together and create a powerful, united empire. He likens the French and American Revolutions to the war between the American colonies and Great Britain, and states that the same principles should ultimately apply to the break-up of Great Britain, and the establishment of a united American Empire. Paine writes that the economic threat posed by Great Britain is very real.

Title: in the Name of governmentEn Author: Thomas Paine.1773-1809 - a British patriot, he wrote Common Sense, which helped to bring about the American rebellion, and which brought about the issuing of the Declaration of Independence. He also wrote The Political Philosophy of Governments, Political Consequences of the late War, et cetera.JA2E/049

Biography of Thomas Paine: on 23 May 1737 Paine was born in Thetford in Norfolk, England. He was born to a British father and an American mother, and was raised in the faith of the Church of England. He decided to study law, but was denied the right due to his family's poverty. Paine decided instead to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh and worked as a schoolteacher before being forced to abandon his medical studies due to a lack of money. In 1768 Paine returned to his native country, England, and became an industrious country lawyer. In 1775 he was a founder of the first public library in the fledgling United States of America. His book, Common Sense, was written in 1776, and it became a famous rallying point for the revolutionaries. In 1783, Paine helped to draft the United States' Constitution. He was elected to the legislature of Connecticut in 1789. d2c66b5586


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