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Cnc4 Offline Patch Rar UPDATED

Changes in this release:1) First 3 tutorial missions have their CP doubled.2) First 4 GDI missions have their CP to 200. Last 3 GDI missions have their CP to 300. The 2nd player has the CP set to 100.3) First 4 NOD missions have thier CP to 200. Last 3 NOD missions (including the bonus mission) have their CP set to 300. The 2nd player has the CP set to 100.4) All official skirmish and MP maps have their CP set to 300 for human players only. I probably would make it more interesting in the future that even AI players will have their CP set to 300 as well.5) A few official SP/MP maps that were not finished by developers have been finished by myself.To confirm, there are 18 SP mission maps, 15 official skirmish/MP maps, a small amount of test maps related to already created official SP and MP maps, and 17 skirmish/MP were actually incomplete and also not-ready for skirmish play.I have also released 17 other skirmish/MP maps (in a separate pack) that were incomplete by developers due to the development rush (because of that EALA shutdown). Those have been edited for playing with given names, but I don't know if I have the time to enhance the maps by adding in more objects and terrains onto them. Also IDK if someone out there did finish those incomplete maps and released them.The following 17 skirmish maps I found in "maps.big" were partially complete (not easter bugs btw) because then otherwise there would have been 32 official skirmish/MP maps. Please put them in this directory path; C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Command and Conquer 4\Maps:map_mp_10_arctic_1map_mp_10_arctic_moe_1map_mp_10_arctic_ombao_1map_mp_10_arctic_ombao_2map_mp_10_arctic_owens_02map_mp_10_arctic_smith_1map_mp_10_junktown_owens_01map_mp_10_junktown_owens_02map_mp_10_panamerica_1map_mp_10_panamerica_austin_1map_mp_10_panamerica_moe_1map_mp_10_panamerica_moe_2map_mp_10_panamerica_owens_01map_mp_10_panamerica_owens_02map_mp_10_panamerica_owens_04map_mp_10_polynesia_ombao_1map_mp_10_polynesia_owens_01Now why is this called unofficial C&C4 patch 1.04? This modified maps.big is just the beginning of that. Hopefully soon in the future if C&C4 is moddable then additional changes will be issued.

cnc4 offline patch rar



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