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Tonight Alive - The Other Side (2013)

MS. DAVIS: These lawmakers have a tremendous amount of influence, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul being another one. They really do capture the grassroots. And the question is, do they want to try and capture it and govern from the inside? Does Ted Cruz want to be majority leader one day or does Ted Cruz want to be more of a symbolic grassroots sort of hero? And I think the jury is out.

Tonight Alive - The Other Side (2013)


MS. BALL: I think of it as a cultural-social issue than a public safety issue and it's been territory that Democrats feared to tread for a long time because in a lot of predominantly rural states it was something that they could count on to alienate a lot of people. It may be the case that 90 percent of Americans support things like background checks, but they don't vote on those issues. And the people who vote and the people who give money and the people who are active are the people on the other side.

In any other year, the bright news on the economy would be enough to rescue a president from the doldrums. The unemployment rate is at its lowest in five years, and the Federal Reserve is making optimistic noises.

Yet, the story of Christmas is a story of good news of great joy for all people, not just those surrounded by family tonight, and not just those who will celebrate by exchanging expensive gifts. Christmas is exceedingly joyful good news because in coming to a couple who were themselves lost and left out, God turned the world upside down.

So still nothing's been settled into the American League at the moment, the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays are about to get started at Tropicana. If the Sox win tonight, they'll face the winner of A's/Tigers. If the Rays when then we will have another ALDS double-header on Thursdsay. Although this ends tonight's liveblogging, our MLB playoff coverage continues tomorrow all the way to the end of the World Series. Thanks to everyone for following along with us toinght.Ciao!

The foul double is strike one on Callaspo, he takes ball one and then fouls another one and it's 1-2. Scherzer throws a fastball that just misses. 2-2. Scherzer throws a change just a bit too inside. 3-2. Bases loaded. Two out. This could be Scherzer's last pitch and Callaspo lines one to the outfield and AUSTIN JACKSON (OF COURSE) MAKES THE CATCH! Bases loaded, nobody out, one run games, the Tigers season on the line and nobody scores!

Only one other game today after yesterday's all-day quadruple-header. That would be the Boston Red Sox vs the Tampa Bay Rays at the broken gigantic pinball machine that is Tropicana Field. The Sox had a chance to close out their season with a sweep, but Tampa Bay's Jose Lobaton (of all people) hit a walk off home run off of Boston closer Koji Uehara who was literally unhittable during the second half of the regular season. What did I say about weirdness again? The Sox have another shot of losing them out tonight at 8:37pm EST in their ALDS game four.

Yet after playing a mere three games in the postseason, the Detroit Tigers find them one loss away from being eliminated by the surprising Oakland Athletics, who won the American League West despite having a lineup made almost exclusively of exciting, yet unknown and/or untested, talent and a collection of leftover Boston Red Sox players. Heck, even considering their surprising success, the biggest story to come out of Oakland this season involved a sewage leak and still the most recognizable name there is GM Billy Beane (and that's mostly because of the whole Brad Pitt thing). All this means that if the A's do in fact knock off the Tigers tonight, be prepared to learn a whole mess of new names before the American League Championship Series begins.

Not that anyone on either side thinks anything has either been won or lost here. All it takes is a Michael Wacha to flirt with a no-hitter and all of a sudden everything is tied up yet again and the other opponent just has to win one more game and even the Houston Astros can win one game. The Oakland A's are hoping to prevent that this afternoon whent they put Dan Straily (10-8, 3.96) on the mound against Doug Fister (14-9, 3.67 ERA), but there's only so much one can do to prevent weird stuff from happening. It's all weird stuff in October.


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