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Slate Digital FGX Mastering Processor VST RTAS 112


Slate Digital FGX Mastering Processor VST RTAS 112

A real-time audio tool suite with your own pedals and effects, for free. For the content creator, the Kontakt Player is the home of unlimited control over their sounds. Whether youre working on your arrangements, composing, recording, or mixing, the Kontakt Player includes powerful features to assist you in creating your next hit. For the engineer, the Kontakt Player offers easy-to-use plugins for mastering, compression, EQ, limiters, resonators and more. Combine audio software plugins with hardware and their award-winning Kontakt Player to create sounds that go beyond your expectations. And now, the same incredible sound quality and easy-to-use features that power professional composers have always been available to every musician and producer at zero cost. With the Kontakt Player, you can turn your favorite sounds into your most valuable tool! WHAT WE LOVE IN THE KONTACKT PLAYER - FREE: Spend your time creating, not configuring. Easily record your own drums, musical phrases, and loops with the Kontakt Player. Just click Start Recording, and let the Kontakt Player put the power of the best sound-recording software at your fingertips. There are no menus to navigate or complex settings to understand. Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More...

Peripherals and custom controls have long been the domain of dedicated hardware and mic preamps, but the DAW was supposed to revolutionize the way engineers recorded. When it comes to performance and quality, the Slate Digital FG-X was designed to do exactly that. High-end modeling capabilities present in all its constituent plug-ins are augmented by a host of micro-architectural enhancements and tailored circuit topologies that provide the perfect compromise for an app that performs equally well with any software. In short, youll get great audio quality with a small footprint, all while benefiting from a flexible, easy to use, and comprehensive set of plug-ins. 3d9ccd7d82


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