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Easton King

Hentai No Hero Crack With Full Gamel

In a post final war world, society has reformed itself. The age of heroes has changed permanently due to one man who went off the radar two years ago, Deku! After taking time to process and heal from the traumatic events of his high school career he returns ready to attend hero college and figure out exactly the type of man he wants to be. But with his new power putting lecherous thoughts into his head, is he sure the straight and narrow path is the best one?

Hentai No Hero Crack With Full Gamel

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- Main tormentors, as always, Katsuki Bakugo, who tricked Katsumi Bakugo into bullying him, making her think it was to keep him 'safe'- Katsumi is in love with Izuku, but she bullied him because she thought it was to protect him- Katsuki has a crush on Izumi, but Izumi rejects him every time, so Katsuki moved to second option when they reach UA.- Hisashi Midoriya, Izuku and Izumi's biological dad, died while on his way to the milk store. Death was caused by crossfire between a hero and a villain- Velgrynd and Rudra never hit it off because Velgrynd didn't trust him, so she left the East and moved in with Luminous as her partner. It's a way of apologizing on behalf of what Veldora did in the past

The world of heroes wasn't ending anytime soon, not if Izuku Midoriya had anything to say about it. Armed with a metal controlling quirk, One For All, his shield, and his friends, Izuku will take the world by storm as its newest beacon of light, as its newest Symbol of Peace. Powerful Izuku, Izuku X Harem. Rated M for mental problems, adult scenes, and more. 2nd and newest rewrite! 350c69d7ab


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