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Easton King
Easton King

Humble (MiDi KiT)

Fionn Says: "When I'm not running the cafe or admiring my vast collection of analog modems, I take great pleasure from creating MIDI tracks. Nothing quite excites me more than the sound of the general MIDI synth brass patch, or the snare drum from the 'power kit.'Please take as much as you'd like from my humble showcase of MIDI treasures. Just like '80s music and the Cold War, I'm also expecting general MIDI to make an explosive comeback any day now! NOSTALGIA - it's the way forward."

Humble (MiDi KiT)


Wade grew up in a humble neighbourhood in Spain where it was usual to hear flamenco music and drum rhythms everywhere, guitars coloring summer nights, and palms tapping to the rhythm of southern Spain.

Block parties were often a place for political activism and many emcees of the day used spoken word poetry and their trusty microphone to share their experiences over the music. Today, rapping has become a central part of hip-hop music and the realities of urban life and humble beginnings have remained common themes.


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