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The past year has been a boom for Minecraft, with the release of the mobile title and the arrival of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The latter, which has been announced for a release date of November 24th, has cemented itself as a huge occasion for Minecraft content creators, especially those who utilize the vast range of modding capabilities built in from the early versions of the game. Microsoft, in turn, has diligently used its influence to add business aspects to the game, providing a legit way for modders to get paid for their work. Naturally, with this industry here, comes some controversy. While the list of allegations against Mojang and the overarching issue regarding its' attitude to moderation has started to nip away at the firm's credibility, a new outlet, albeit one with a more positive outlook on the matter, surfaced recently. GarretCuoco, a popular YouTuber who has a particular interest in the Minecraft community, released a video the other day with the tagline, 'In under two days, the creator of most mods in Minecraft breached Microsoft's new pay requirements.'

Specifically, the creator in question is Adam 'BigWig' Wagner, appearing under his username, BigGodAdam. Leaked Skype logs, analysis of his behaviour, and quotes from him in YouTube chatrooms, as well as his apparent lack of payment for those creations, which included mods such as the auto-pathing system known as Teleport, are all looked at in the video, which has a total of over seven and a half million views right now. This is impressive to say the least, and it must be noted that even with over a million views, the majority of people commenting on the video seem to be so wrapped up in the negativity of it all, that they aren't aware of the extraordinary job Wagner has done to create so many amazing things for the unending horde of Minecraft users out there. To quote one of the most telling comments in the video by Tomer, 'He must have been on some pretty strong drugs.'

As the video went on, however, commentators started to raise some more serious points. One of these was the fact that Wagner only received around £1,200 for a lifetime of work, which is roughly the amount of money that they are now asking those creating mods to be paid by the handle Minecraft accounts, which is a staggering 38% drop. d2c66b5586


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