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16. Preventing rape is about more than individual responsibility. When rape is about a culture, it's about a community. If you love someone and share a sense of personal responsibility for the safety of all those around you, you're more likely to take steps to prevent rape.

13. While the law does not protect you from being raped, neither does it mean someone else is responsible for your rape. A rapist is responsible for what he or she does, and you have no obligation to return the favor.

12. Don't condone, participate in or remain passive. If you know of someone being raped, don't be the person who makes excuses for the rapist. If you are a victim, don't stay in the relationship thinking that you cannot speak out and get out. If you are a bystander, do something. If you are a participant, be aware of the risks and use your ability to say no to protect your self and others. Don't stay silent because you are afraid of the consequences of speaking out.

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