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In a classic Samsung move, there are two different types of SmartTags. The standard SmartTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy as its connection standard. The other version, called SmartTag Plus, uses Bluetooth Low Energy along with ultrawideband connectivity. Not all Samsung phones are equipped with the necessary hardware to connect to UWB devices, which is potentially one reason for Samsung is offering two different tags. Currently, only the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra support UWB.

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To connect your SmartTag with your smartphone or tablet, the SmartThings app should be installed on your phone or tablet. Before connecting your SmartTag, please make sure that the SmartThings app has been updated to the latest version.

Please note: you can only connect SmartTags to Samsung mobile devices & tablets, you cannot connect a SmartTag to a non-Samsung device. Your Samsung mobile must be running Android 8.0 or later

Please note: if you don't have the SmartThings app installed on your mobile device, scanning the QR code will open the app store and prompt you to download the SmartThings app. Once the SmartThings app is installed, scan the QR code again to connect to your SmartTag

Note: The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag+ are compatible with Galaxy phones and tablets using the latest version of the SmartThings app. Up to 200 SmartTags can be added to a single phone or tablet; however, there may be connection limitations because the SmartTag is a wireless communication-based device. Only one SmartTag can be registered to an item at a time.

If you're planning to connect the SmartTag to another phone, you'll need to remove it from the SmartThings app first. Navigate to and open SmartThings on your phone, then tap the Devices tab, and then tap the Home icon. Select your desired location, and then swipe through the rooms to find your tag.

First, connect the SmartTag+ to the SmartThings app on your phone or tablet. Then, open the app, tap the Life tab, and then tap the SmartThings Find card. Tap Search Near Me, and then point your device around your current area. If you get close enough to the missing item, the SmartTag+ will activate. You will also see green and black arrows on the screen as you approach the SmartTag+.

The company on Monday unveiled(Opens in a new window) Connect Tag, a small, cellular-connected fob that lets you keep track of loved ones and valuables. Samsung said this is the first consumer mobile product to use narrowband technology (aka NB-IoT or Cat.M1), a "specially designed cellular communication standard for small data utilization, low power consumption, and the ability to securely connect to the Internet for optimal location services."

Smart products have given us the tools we need to track personal items, and even loved ones. Want to know where your kids are? Buy them a custom smartwatch. Worried about losing your suitcase? Grab some connected luggage. Looking to keep a watchful eye over your pet? Get a webcam-integrated smart toy. But, as useful as they may be, they're still restricted by their category. Sensing a gap in the market for a versatile product that can do all of the above, Samsung is releasing the Connect Tag.

Chipolo's just-released Card Spot is shaped like a credit card, connects to Apple's Find My network, and gets my pick for best Bluetooth wallet tracker. While traditional, coin-shaped finders can also keep your wallet in check, they often create a bulge that makes stashing the accessory cumbersome. The Card Spot is designed to live in your wallet, measuring a thickness of 0.09 inches -- about the same as two credit cards stacked together.

Besides locating keys and wallets, Bluetooth trackers make for handy-dandy gadgets to keep your child or pet under surveillance. If you're able to spend a little more for added safety and security features, look to the Jiobit Smart Tag. The Jiobit can be clipped onto a belt, collar, or backpack, and provides always-on connectivity and real-time location tracking.

A Bluetooth tracker attaches to a personal item (think wallet, backpack, even belt). Next, you connect it through the manufacturer's app to enable location tracking, which you can view on your phone. Bluetooth trackers have a limited range with an average of 200 to 300 feet. You must be within the signal range to receive accurate information. And some items, such as Wi-Fi speakers, might interfere with the signal, so be sure to use the devices in a clear area to receive the strongest signal.

The app periodically backs up your My Tools list to the cloud. This also requires a brief Internet or cellular data connection. You do not need to monitor or manually perform this process. No connection is needed to search information stored within the app or to pair with a new product.

You can also manually enter any non-connected product into your Inventory Manager portal and assign it to jobsites or people. You will not receive automatic tracking updates from the cloud on that item.

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The Frame TV tugs at my minimalist heartstrings. Instead of the jumble of thick black cords that need to be corralled with other TVs, The Frame TV has a single clear cable that is so thin it practically disappears. This single cord is 16-feet long and connects the TV to the One Connect Box. The One Connect Box is where you can plug in you external devices. We connected my son's Nintendo Switch and our Apple TV. Since the clear cord is so long, you have the flexibility of connecting everything from game consoles to satellite receivers to your TV without needing to place them next to the TV. It's a great option if you want to hang your TV in a tricky place, like above a fireplace mantle.

The Samsung Frame TV is ideal for people who want the option of having a TV be the focus of a room when it's on but fade into the room when it isn't being watched. This can be especially vital for small-space living or open-concept homes. If you're renting and can't cut into your wall to hide cords, or if you don't like the look of the TV cord cover strips, this is an excellent option. It's also ideal if you want to hang your TV in a spot that's far away from an outlet, since the connection cord is 16-feet long yet discreet.

4 From September 30th 2021, GMR will be permanently disconnected from EA SPORTS FIFA MOBILE. The adidas GMR app will continue to be live until at least the end of December 2022 so you will still be able to raise your game by using the football performance tracking & reading capabilities while adidas GMR app remains live.

The Cube Pro is our favorite key locating device. We love the settings and modes that the Pro offers, and during our noise analysis, we found it to be one of the most audible of all the Bluetooth models we tested. It has the option for disconnect notifications so that you'll know if you ever walk out of the house without your keys. The Cube app is top-notch, and they offer a desktop user interface that allows you to ring the device from a computer even if you aren't near your phone. We were also really impressed with its range when we took it into the field. We managed to stand 366 feet away from the device before the signal dropped. This particular model is also waterproof to a rating of IP67, which means that it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. One of our favorite features of this tag, along with other Cube products, is how seamlessly they function with Alexa.

Unfortunately, when we broke out the sound pressure level meter to measure the noise produced by the Esky finders, we were less than impressed. The tags only emit 59.1 decibels of sound, which means you might have to wander around the house with the remote for a while to find the lost item. Also, along with other RF models, it is a closed system that relies on its radio frequency to alert each tag, and it cannot connect to a phone. If you're looking for a "smart" device that can integrate with other devices such as phones, laptops, or virtual assistants, this is not the right choice.

Although the Galaxy SmartTag has many attractive features, our testing revealed some flaws. First, this model is bulkier than most other tag-style Bluetooth key finders. When we measured the Bluetooth range, the SmartTag was less than impressive. The positive side to this drawback is it might be easier to hear the alert and locate your keys once you are within its range than a finder with a much wider range. The most notable flaw is it requires cellular data or a WiFi connection to search with your Galaxy device. Many key finders function on Bluetooth or radio frequencies alone. If you ever lost your keys in an area with no WiFi or cell service, this key finder would be useless. Despite our shortlist of gripes, we strongly feel that the SmartTag is the way to go for Galaxy users who would like a great find network and a key finder that can also control several smart devices.

If you want a standard Bluetooth-enabled key finder, the Tile Mate is sufficient. This model has outstanding range; we found that the phone-to-tag connection endured over an impressive 379 feet. We also love that the Tile app has many capabilities, including community find, smart alerts, and even a location history function that allows the user to see where the tag has been on a detailed map in the last 30 days.

However, the lack of settings on the Kimfly is somewhat disappointing. There is only one ringtone for the device and one for the phone. We also wished you could connect more than one Kimfly to the same phone. Despite these shortcomings, we still feel this is a viable option for families, couples, or companies that want an individual finder for each partner, member, or employee's phone. 041b061a72


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