Introducing Our Patrons: Lennox K. Thomas

Patron Lennox Thomas

Following our introduction to  Sister Monica Tywang, we’d now like you to meet the second of our new Patrons: Lennox Thomas.

He is:

  • The first person of Caribbean descent to become a senior Probation officer’
  • A past member and Chair of Descendants’ management Committee
  • A parent
  • A community activist
  • An inspirational Speaker
  • A published author

Lennox K. Thomas MA, CQSW, BPC, AFT, UKCP (Fellow). trained in child development, clinical social work, child and family psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He was Clinical Director of Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, and Co- Director of the University College (London) MSc in Intercultural Psychotherapy. He is a co-founder and Consultant Psychotherapist at the Refugee Therapy Centre. Influenced by his work with children and parents in hospitals and probation, he has an interest in attachment, and transgenerational family trauma.

His published works include:

  • Attachment in African Caribbean Families”, Attachment Theory in Adult Mental Health, eds. A. Danquah & K. Berry, Routledge 2014. “
  • Relational Psychotherapy: The significance of Father”. Psychodynamic Practice, 16, 61-75. (2010). “
  • Parenting roles and the African Caribbean man in post-slavery society” eds. P. Lovejoy & B. Bowser, UNESCO, Africana World Press (2014).

His interests are gardening and,  having spent the first seven years of his life in Grenada, Caribbean literature .

Once again, we are all so honoured to have Lennox Thomas serve as Patron, and look forward to him supporting and inspiring our children and young people in the years to come.

Coming soon, we meet the last of our new Patrons: Camara Jessica Fearon.

Information on all six of our Patrons, original and new, can be found here and here.


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