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Meet our team!

The driving forces behind DESCENDANTS, meet the dynamic and dedicated ladies that make it all happen:

Management Committee Members

Margaret Noel

Founder, Co-ordinator and Volunteer Management

Margaret Noel

I’m a mother of 3 daughters and one son.  I came to England in 1961, as a child from the beautiful island of Grenada.
I attended primary and secondary school in west London. I had strict parents, especially my Mum who wanted us to succeed! I loved art, but my Mum wanted me become a nurse. I began my career training as a nurse and, whilst nursing, I began volunteering with my daughters’ school. During this time, I worked voluntarily at the Hogarth Youth Club in Chiswick. The youth worker there Wally encouraged me to train and , with his support, I started a netball team. After working with many young people, I trained to become a qualified youth worker.
From that experience, I decided to change career and left nursing to train as a social worker, and went on to follow a career in the probation service. I worked primarily with young offenders, with women’s groups, and also as a community service probation office.Margaret Noel with Olympic Torch I eventually went to work as a probation officer at Wormwood Scrubs prison.  It was whilst working in the probation service, and visiting prisons, that the reality of large numbers of young people, especially black boys were being locked up. This was one of the driving force behind the establishment of Descendants.
My second daughter Collette was very artistic, and had performed in Carmen Jones in the West End. She was the inspiration that put together the dance and singing performance that led to the eventual setting up of Descendants; which came from a performance at St Vincent Primary school in July 1993.
Through my work with Descendants I have received many recognitions. My biggest and proudest moment was when I was selected to run with the Olympic torch in the Borough of Ealing, Lady Margaret Road, Southall 2012.

Elaine BeresfordElaine Beresford

Descendants Trustee

Celestina UzokaCelestina Uzoka

Founder Member, Descendants Trustee

Co-opted Members

Vanessa Hyman

Founder/ Owner ‘A Mothers Teardrops’ and ‘Pride In Our People’, Community Champion Winner 2012 Vanessa Hyman
I am a mother and have volunteered with Descendants and Youth Street Beats (YSB) over a number of years.

I currently run an organisation called ‘A Mothers Teardrops’ which I set up after my eldest son Anton Hyman (aged 17) was brutally murdered in 2004.

Since establishing the organisation, I have worked closely with the police, going into schools, community centres and prison’s giving talks and running workshops in an aid to raise awareness and looking at solutions on how to combat this growing epidemic that is taking young lives and destroying communities. I have organised marches to not only gain answers to get justice for my son’s death but also against serious violent crime of any nature.

Both my daughter and son attend Descendants and YSB

Colette Noel and her idol MJCollette Noel

Founder Member Descendants, Founder Youth Street Beats – YSB Arts

I set up Youth Street Beats (YSB) in July 2002 to work with disadvantaged children and young people living in the London Borough of Ealing and surrounding areas.
I’m  a BA Hon’s graduate in media & drama and have 23 years experience working with young people in the UK and abroad.

Our aim is to engage children in performing arts activities to ultimately enhance their personal, education and social abilities.

Our weekly workshop sessions include performance techniques, acting, dance, drama, music, confidence building, fitness, barrier breakers, concentration and vocal exercises.
Ysb exposes the children to different opportunities including the yearly Acton Carnival, our in house family plays and performing at various dance events.
Please visit our website for more information www.ysbarts.com Facebook: Ysb Arts