Our Volunteers

Descendants Volunteers

Descendants would be nothing without their dedicated group of volunteers. Whether organising activities, running the tuck shop on a Friday evening or working in the back office, led by Margaret, they ensure that our young members have a safe and fun place to go each week.

Descendants are always looking for new volunteers to share their skills, expertise and knowledge with the young people we work with. If you:

  • have a passion for working creatively with young people
  • are interested in education
  • are interested in inspiring and empowering young people
  • are interested in mentoring young people
  • have an interest in African history, culture and traditions
  • have a passion for the arts, crafts, dance, music and drama



We offer training courses, including child protection training.

Most importantly, all volunteers will have to go through a (CRB) Police Check. Once committed, the team can arrange this on your behalf.

So why work with Descendants? No-one better to explain it than the volunteers themselves!


Diane’s Story – Current Descendants Volunteer & Mentor

I am a full time working mother of 2 and a grandmother. I have tried my hardest to bring up
my children the right way by God’s Grace with many struggles but this has only built up
my character as I am still learning and growing, I’ve come to realise that it is how you
handle things that brings success. And if I fail, I just have to carry on until I can perfect it. In life, there will always be challenges.Diane Lewis - Volunteer & Mentor
My daughter is now a Spanish and French High School teacher,my son is in his 2nd year of University studying Design Engineering, and I also have an adorable 5 year old grandson. As well as bringing my life skills to Descendants, I am DBS checked, I am a mentor, and have done child protection, first aid, and first aid mental health qualification.
My philosophy is, “There is always a need for self love and self knowledge. Most importantly, when we gain knowledge, it is important to share with our young to aid and cultivate their minds so they can grow into future leaders.”
I wanted to be part of that and am glad that I took that step. I have nothing but love and integrity for all the children in Descendants. They are an inspiration and what comes out of their minds often blows me away. They are talented, gifted
and creative and its so important that we see things bigger than ourselves and not allow that to be wasted.

Jyoti’s Story – Former Volunteer

Descendants is very eminent part of my life.   Volunteer Jyoti It saved my sinking hope of saving my career.    It gave me independence.    I can never forget the lovely hug of Margaret Noel when I met her first time in the Old Acton Town Hall.   Ninety percent of my experience with Descendants is based on my experience with Margaret Noel but, from the times I spent on Friday evenings and on tours of London with the kids of Descendants, I can say very confidently that they have great potentials and they are inherited with  an extremely precious, unique and  affectionate culture which cannot be compared with any certificate or  money.  Their presence won’t allow people feeling nostalgic and lonely.  Talking about money, Descendants was struggling financially during my service period and planning for fundraising was very interesting and creative. Hopefully that problem is reduced now.   The taste of sandwiches and coffee in the Descendants office in the Acton Town Hall was unforgettably wonderful.

In short Descendants was an incredible part of my life and gave me confidence and independence.  May God bless Descendants always.