The Inspirational Captain Joel Mark

Captain Joel Mark

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As we look forward to this year’s Annual Achievement Awards, we reflect on last year’s ceremony with a focus on our guest speaker Captain Joel Mark.

5 facts about captain joel mark

  1. Joel “Jex” Mark was born in Grenada in 1970 and grew up in Belmont, St. Georges near Mount Pandy Beach
  2. His father was a shipwright therefore from an early age Mark would work on boats with him, developing his love for the sea
  3. On may 31st 2006, became the first Grenadian to sail solo from Grenada to the U
  4. On February 7th 2016, he was awarded the Camerhogne Award from the Government of Grenada for his inspirations and sailing achievements
  5. In May 2018, he successfully sailed solo from Europe back to Grenada in 49 Days

what’s next for captain jex?

Captain Mark aims to become the first Grenadian to sail solo around the world, and is now making plans for his solo, circumnavigation.  Captain Joel Mark was our inspirational guest at our last Dr John Roberts CBE QC achievement awards and since then, Descendants continue to follow and support his journey.  We are in the process of planning a joint project with him, a Youth group in Tobago and another in Grenada looking at ways to preserve the environment for future generations.
We’ll continue to update on his projects and adventures, but don’t forget to check out his website to support his efforts and follow his amazing journey

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