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Descendants is a history and arts-focused organisation aimed at children and young people aged 4-16 of African and Caribbean descent. Our main focus is on African and Caribbean culture; we explore history, we experiment with art, craft, music, drama and dance.

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  • 26 Feb, 18:00 – 20:00
    Here's your chance at making your very own string art designs from the comfort of your home! Register for FREE and have all the equipment necessary sent right to your door!
  • 15 Feb, 11:00 – 19 Feb, 15:00
    An international virtual dance project, connecting students and teachers from three different continents, bringing you dance sessions by experienced instructors from bollywood to hip hop, to afrobeats and soca all on one screen!
  • 29 Jan, 18:00 – 20:00
    Learn first hand from professional and up and coming artists, taking you through fun and interactive sessions to sharpen your creative skills and helping you to create your very own pieces!


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Contact Us

Acton Gardens Community Centre
Unit A, Munster Court
Bollo Bridge Road
London W3 8UU

Office: 020807455241/ Coordinator (Benjamin): 07818251138/ Founder (Margaret): 07745889521