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Dr John Roberts QC CBE Annual Achievement Awards - Testimonies

Comments from the Parents of Nominees:

"My daughter who was a nominee, and 'winner' said it made her feel appreciated."

"Grateful for the recognition of the efforts and work ethic of young black people across all areas of study. The recordings of the information about the namesakes of the awards were very valuable and it's important for my son to learn about people that are not represented in mainstream media."

"It was an amazing evening an amazing event surrounded by amazing people Thank you so much each and every member of the descendants! You all are amazing"

"Thank you for the evening. It was truly an inspirational night and it was evident that a lot of work had gone into the evening. It was wonderful and aspirational for my son to hear the achievements of other students, especially as all areas where represented, it is important that young black people do not fall into media stereotypes and understand that there are no limits to what they want to achieve in all areas of study. The charity needs more publicity as I think Descendants is doing really good work. Well done Descendants!"

As a nominee (student) how did the event make you feel?:

"It felt good to win an award and be recognised"



"Very honoured and humbled"

"Cherish my teachers as they thought about me and nominated me"

What was the most memorable part of the evening?:

"Seeing the reaction of the children winning their awards"

"Hearing the magnificent achievement of the children"

"Just seeing the amount of young talented individuals there are it was breath taking"

"Seeing all the nominees on stage to have a collective photos, reinforcing that they are all"

winners and valued even if individuals did not win specific awards."

"The whole evening was delightful, but especially hearing about Descendants alumni who’ve gone on to global success - and to hear a message from Steve MCQueen was absolutely awesome!"

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