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The Legacy Series- Testimonies

Comments by participants and families:

"I’m pleased about the sessions that we are learning about Africa & the Caribbean"

"Yes thank you for doing this zoom i have been learning allot of new things"

"Great session, I learnt lots about ancient Africa."

What has been good about the sessions?:

"Learning about Benin & making statues"

"It was fun. I liked learning about cities and where they were."

"We got to learn about what Benin architect was like and how developed they were for their time. Getting the other children involved."

"The interaction was the best part because covid 19 started i dont get to talk to people allot"

"I learnt new things and it was very interesting."

"Learning about different cultures of Africa and the Caribbean"

Children’s thoughts- The Legacy Series Chapter 3

Group 1

(Ages 4-10)

What have you enjoyed learning about the most?

Child 1: “PAXTON HOUSE! I like the roundabout outside of it.”

Child 2: “Learning about the different types of Kente Cloth”

How have the things you have learned about make you feel?

Child 1: “Felt happy and sad. It made me sad when the Europeans came with their swords to the Caribbean and Africa”.

Child 2: “I liked everything! I liked learning about the Caribbean it made me feel great, it made me feel like I knew everything.”

Child 3: “Proud! Because some of my family lived in the Caribbean”

Group 3

(ages 11-16)

Did you learn anything new in the sessions that you did not know before?

Child 4 : “I didn’t know about the Arawaks”

Child 5 : “I learned about the Arawak’s, I didn’t know about them before. I learned about Julian Fedon and Ninian Home because I didn’t know they existed before.”

Child 6 : “I’ve learned a lot about the Arawak’s and slavery and how slaves were transported around different places like Africa and the Caribbean. I understand it a lot better since before I had never heard of Ninian Home and people like Julian Fedon.”

How has learning about this topic made you feel?

Child 7: “I think it’s a good topic to learn, because people know the basics of slavery but they don’t know about the people behind it and they don’t know about the people that helped contribute to free the slaves. Everyone knows the top names, the basic names but no one really knows the people behind the scenes. I think it’s a good topic to learn because it enlightens me and helps me understand more about slavery.”

Child 6 : “I’m quite shocked about how they treated us. We weren’t cvonsiddered human beings, were considered like objects they could do whatever they liked with as if they could just bend us to our will.

It made me feel annoyed but there isn’t much we can do about it now because no one from those times is alive right now but it’s something you’ll never forget.”

Child 4: “It makes me feel proud, because I now know that my history didn’t start with slavery, it goes much deeper than that. I know that the people that the people that contributed to the abolition of slavery were the same colour as I and weren’t just white. My ancestors stood up for themselves and knew themselves and their morals and did things accordingly, so I’m proud.”

Child 5: “Learning about this tipic makes me happy and sad. Happy, because I get to learn about my background and more of my ancestry but also sad because I had to learn what they had to achieve for us to have a better future.”

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