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Each One Teach One

As a charity, we rely on the kind donations of the general public and organisations within the community, and so greatly appreciate any funds, resources or talents donated to our organisation. With the help of the community, we can ensure the continuation of more projects and events to empower the youth of the African-Caribbean Community!

Descendants Supplementary School

“Our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation” -  Nelson Mandela

Proudly running for 27 years, our charity aims to create an environment where children and young adults of African and African-Caribbean descent  aged 4-16 are able to learn and grow together by experiencing each other's diverse cultures and traditions, while at the same time encouraging the children to learn new skills, utilise their talents and celebrate their achievements through various projects and events. These include weekly children's clubs, museum visits, a range of creative classes and the annual Dr John Roberts CBE Q.C Achievement Awards, which recognises the accomplishments of young black students throughout the borough of Ealing. Local schools are requested to nominate their most outstanding students to be awarded in this highly anticipated ceremony. 

          How will your support help us?:

  • It will ensure the continuation of our projects and events while also giving us the means to create new ones. 

  • It will give us access to more resources and fundraising opportunities for both our organisation and others we support.

  • It will allow us to widen our reach and therefore our audience.

  • It will create further opportunities for collaborations and joint programmes with other organisations. 

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