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Our Logo!

In December 2015, Descendants came up with a challenge: design a new logo to represent the organisation, something that truly embodies who we are. Who better to meet the challenge? The Kids themselves, of course! Competition was fierce as our young members all worked extremely hard to come up with some incredibly smart and fantastically creative ideas.

The unenviable task of determining the winner fell to The Committee, assisted by very special guests Rupa Huq MP, Councillor Abdullah Gulaid and Julian Bell.

Full credit must go to all the entrants who made the panel’s job nearly impossible. Honourable mention must go to our runners-up who came incredibly close. However, we had a winner….


12 year-old Anais Barnes-Murray was declared competition winner and proud designer of Descendants new identity.

Congratulations to Anais, and a massive thank you and well done to ALL our budding young creatives.

All About Anais…

My name is Anais Barnes-Murray, I am 12 years old, I have been going

to Descendants for almost 2 years and I have won the Descendants logo competition. I go to Villiers High School and my favourite subjects are ICT and Drama. I see myself as a confident, outgoing girl who loves being with her friends and finding new things online. I didn’t imagine I would ever win the logo competition as Art isn’t one of my favourite things. I decided to take part in it as all my friends in my group at Descendants were doing it. when the day came for people to judge the competition, I thought I had no chance at winning. When they told me I had won, I was quite shocked but it has taught me to always hope for the best in future.


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