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What is an accumulator bet in football? Simple and effective ways to calculate accumulator odds

If you frequently participate in football betting games, you will undoubtedly have heard of the term 'accumulator bet.' However, if you are a newcomer, you might still find this type of bet somewhat unclear and might not fully understand it. To bet effectively, you must analyze it in detail. In the following article, soccer hot tips for today will introduce you to accumulator bets and how to calculate football accumulator odds.

What is an accumulator bet in football?

Accumulator bets, also known by many as combination or parlay bets, are referred to in English as 'mix parlay'. This is a type of betting that combines multiple different bets into one ticket, including Asian handicap, European odds, Over/Under, and half-time bets, among others. The payout ratio is calculated by multiplying the odds of the selections the player has bet on.

This betting style has only appeared in recent years at major bookmakers. It has provided players with more choices and brought exciting, attractive experiences to gamblers. Players are free to bet as long as they have sufficient capital.

One advantage of this type of betting is that players do not need to invest a lot of money yet can still earn substantial profits. However, a minor drawback is that if any team within the accumulator loses their bet, you lose the entire stake. This means that players must win all the bets included in the accumulator to receive a payout. Nevertheless, this is considered a minor issue and does not significantly impact the appeal of this betting method. Therefore, many experienced players often choose this approach to earn substantial amounts of money.

What are the rules for accumulator betting in football?

As mentioned above, when participating in accumulator bets, you can place multiple different types of bets at the same time. The rules are very simple: you must bet on at least two matches or more. After that, choose the corresponding odds for your selections. The odds will be publicly displayed by the bookmaker so that players can review and compare them.

Once you have finished selecting your bets, you simply need to enter the amount of money you want to bet into the system. At this point, the system will calculate the most detailed information about the potential payout you will receive if you win. Alternatively, you can enter the amount of money you would like to receive if you win. The bookmaker will automatically calculate and display the betting odds for you.

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How to calculate accumulator bets in football

Accumulator bets are a relatively superior type of bet that often attracts a large number of participants. However, not everyone who participates can achieve high profits. The gameplay of this type of bet can be somewhat complicated and difficult to understand, so it is often not chosen by beginners. Instead, experienced players and long-time experts tend to favor and frequently opt for this form. Below are the specific ways to calculate football accumulator bets:

Calculating accumulators for Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets

For these types of bets, the accumulator odds are calculated using the following formula:

Accumulator Odds = winning odds coefficient x [(half-win odds coefficient - 1)/2] x ½ (if half-loss occurs) x 1 (if the bet draws) x … coefficient of nth bet.

Here, the winning odds coefficient is the profit you earn, calculated multiplicatively.

If one of the bets in the accumulator is a half-win, it is calculated using the formula: [(odds ratio - 1) / 2] + 1.

If any bet is a half-loss, the entire accumulator coefficient is divided by 2.

For a draw, the profit is multiplied by 1.

For example, let's say you place an accumulator bet on three matches with an amount of $300. The details are:

Barcelona with a handicap of 2 3/4, odds at 2.05, with a final total of 3 goals.

Manchester City with a handicap of -¼, odds at 2.00, with a final draw.

Bayern Munich with a handicap of -½, odds at 2.10. After the match, Bayern Munich wins with a score of 3 – 0.

For the bets above, we see that Barcelona wins half, Manchester City loses half, and Bayern Munich wins fully. Thus, the specific accumulator odds will be [1 + (2.05-1)/2 x ½ x 2.10] = 0.55125 -> the profit you would receive is $165.375.

How to calculate payouts for football accumulator bets on European odds

For European odds, calculating an accumulator bet is much easier. You simply apply the following formula:

Accumulator Odds = betting odds coefficient 1 x betting odds coefficient 2 x betting odds coefficient 3 x … x betting odds coefficient n

For example, suppose you place a three-leg accumulator bet with an amount of $300. The details are:

Real Madrid with odds of 1.80

Chelsea with odds of 1.50

Liverpool with odds of 1.50

The accumulator odds will be 1.80 x 1.50 x 1.50 = 4.05. If all three teams win, the amount you would receive is 300 x 4.05 = $1215. However, if just one of the three favored teams loses their match, you would lose the entire bet amount.


Above are the most detailed methods of calculating accumulator bets that sportytrader wants to share with you. It can be said that this is a popular form of football betting chosen by many people. This is because it can bring substantial profits to participants, while also helping them quickly recover previous betting losses.


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