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Take Me

Ray is elated when a new client, Anna, contacts him, seeking an extended session that will last the entire weekend. His joy turns to scepticism when Anna requests that he hit her. Although he initially refuses the job, Ray calls her back and accepts. After conducting their business over the phone, Ray performs surveillance on her, and she leaves him a message telling him to be more discreet. Ray simulates a carjacking and takes her hostage that weekend, never breaking character. Ray forces himself to take a break to reassure himself that he has the confidence and skill to pull off the scenario. He then aggressively interrogates Anna about a made-up client, demanding access to non-existent files.

Take Me

When Anna wakes, she is in a car Ray is driving and he asks her to cooperate and she punches him instead then Ray put her in the trunk for the rest of the journey to a vacation home where he is taking her . There, they discuss their pasts, both revealing that they are divorced. Ray says his ex-wife, who co-founded the business, accused him of criminal wrongdoing. She agrees not to go to the police, but asks him to explain more details about what she accused him of doing. Anna suggests he gets off on violence and power, and he chokes her in response. She knocks him unconscious with a fire poker. Armed with Tom's rifle, Anna takes Ray hostage, threatening to shoot him unless he submits to riding in her car's trunk.

Sometimes you see something that's so perfect for your life, it screams "take me home." That happened to me with a lamp at Target the other day, and it's going to happen to you as soon as you take a sip of this coffee. Sourced via our longstanding direct partnership with the Solis brothers in Tarrazú, Costa Rica, this honey-processed coffee is toffee nutty in the cup, with notes of vanilla bean and almond paste.

"Take Me" could work as a play, since it only features two characters in two locations (he eventually moves her out to his family's empty summer house). It's an extended screwball situation, involving two kooky people having a terrible shared adventure, rife with misunderstandings, mistaken identities, possible police involvement, physical stress ... all of the things that make up your classic screwball. Screwball, a precious genre, is practically a lost art. "Take Me" has some similarities with Charles Hood's 2015 film "Night Owls," an extremely entertaining story about two people holed up in a house, one against her will. Like "Night Owls," "Take Me" has two extremely talented actors playing out their chemistry and hostility and vulnerability, moment to moment to moment. You never know how it will turn out.

Taylor Schilling (mainly known for her role on "Orange is the New Black") is a true screwball actress. Blonde and leggy and beautiful, her line-readings are so specific and unexpected that sometimes it takes a second for their humor to even land. There's one moment where she screams in terror as he drags her towards the stairwell that is so funny it almost single-handedly creates the tone of the film. Her onscreen personality here is reminiscent of Goldie Hawn, the Hawn of "Seems Like Old Times," "Foul Play," "Private Benjamin." Like Hawn's humor, Schilling's is both subtle and broad, her confrontations with absurdity and loss of control glimpsed in a flutter of the eyelid, a quick side-eye, a sudden explosion of energy. She's a delightfully loopy screen presence. Moody's nuts, but Anna, possibly, is certifiable.

Please take a moment to register your loved one today, so you can help us help them. Once registered, officers can search a secure database for information specific to the person to include physical description, photographs, medical conditions, home address, and a list of persons to contact in the event of an emergency. To register for Take Me Home click here. For additional information, please contact Officer Alison Delaney at 267-536-1080 , or Officer Andy Gibbs 267-536-1097 041b061a72


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