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What is Football Over/Under Betting? #4 Strategies to "Outsmart" the Bookmaker

Are you new to the game and unsure about how to play football over/under betting because of the numerous odds?

Read my article below, and you'll see that this type of football betting is incredibly simple.

Additionally, I'll share strategies for consistently winning at football over/under betting so you can steadily earn money even as a beginner.

What is Football Over/Under Betting?

Football Over/Under Betting is a form of betting odds set by bookmakers.

The way this bet works is that the bookmaker will set a specific number, prediction football win the total number of goals scored by both teams.

The player's job is to predict whether the actual result of the match will be higher or lower than the bookmaker's set number.

If you win, you will receive a payout for the corresponding bet.

Football over/under betting is also known as over/under betting (O/U), as the betting slip offers two options for players to choose from:

Over (O): Bet that the match result will be higher than the bookmaker's set number.

Under (U): Bet that the match result will be lower than the bookmaker's set number.

The most commonly used parameter for over/under bets is the total number of goals, which is also one of the three main types of bets on the bookmaker's odds board.

Other variations include over/under for corner kicks, over/under for yellow cards, over/under for penalties, over/under for throw-ins, and more.

Except for special bets like over/under penalties, most other bets use the result within the 90 minutes of regular play to determine the winning bet.

However, for these special bets, the bookmaker will have specific notes; otherwise, it is generally understood to be the total goals over/under bet.

The Basic Way to Read Football Over/Under Odds

It is important for beginners to understand the over/under odds set by the bookmakers. Below is a detailed guide to help you quickly and accurately read the over/under betting table.

How to Read Football Over/Under Odds on the Bookmaker's Table

Odds Notation: Over – Under or O – U.

Time Frame: Full Time (FT) or First Half (HT – H1).

Team Name Column:

The home team is listed on top, and if playing on a neutral field, the team on top is the stronger team.

The stronger team's name is in bold.

If the two teams are evenly matched, both names are in black.

Odds Column:

Left Side: This contains a single number, which is the over/under odds set by the bookmaker for the match. Below the odds, there is a (u) symbol indicating the under bet.

Right Side: This shows the payout odds for each betting option. If aligned with the bookmaker's odds, it represents the odds for the over bet, otherwise, it indicates the under bet.

Understanding Bookmaker Odds in Football Over/Under Betting

In football over/under betting, it’s crucial to know how to read the different types of bookmaker odds. If you are not familiar with these, remember the following points:

a) Over/Under 0 Goals

This means the bookmaker predicts no goals in the match, and players can only bet on the over. This bet is rare.

For a 0-goal bet: Under wins if no goals are scored; Over wins if at least 1 goal is scored.

b) Over/Under 1 Goal

This means the bookmaker sets the total goals at 1. The odds are 1, and the winnings are calculated as follows:

Over wins: If the total goals are 2 or more.

Under wins: If no goals are scored.

Draw: If the total goals are 1.

This type of bet results in full payout on win/loss and refunds on a draw. This can similarly be applied to over/under 2 goals, 3 goals, 4 goals, etc.

c) Over/Under 1.25 Goals

This can also be written as 1.25, 1/1.5, 1-1.5, or 1 ¼, and the winnings are calculated as follows:

Over wins if the total goals are 2 or more (full payout).

Under wins if the total goals are 1 (half payout) or 0 (full payout).

d) Over/Under 1.5 Goals

This can be listed as 1.5 or 1 ½, and the winnings are determined as follows:

Over wins if the total goals are 2 or more (full payout).

Under wins if the total goals are 0 to 1 (full payout).

e) Over/Under 1.75 Goals

This can be written as 1.75, 1.5-2, or 1 ¾, and the winnings are calculated as follows:

Over wins with 2 goals (half payout), or 3 or more goals (full payout).

Under wins if the total goals are 0 to 1 (full payout).

How to Calculate Over/Under Football Bets According to Bookmaker Standards

In accurately viewing football over/under odds, it is important to know how to calculate the winnings and losses.

You will base your calculations on the difference between the bookmaker's set odds and the actual match result. If the difference is 0.25, it results in a half win or half loss; if the difference is 0.5 or more, it results in a full win or full loss.

Here is the simplest and most straightforward formula:

a) How to Calculate Winnings

Depending on the outcome, you can either win fully or win half. Here is how to calculate the winnings:

Full Win = Wagered Amount * Over/Under Bet Odds

Half Win = ½ (Wagered Amount * Over/Under Bet Odds)

b) How to Calculate Losses

Similarly, if you lose, you can either lose fully or lose half. The calculation method is as follows:

Full Loss = Wagered Amount * Negative Bet Odds or Lose the Entire Wagered Amount

Half Loss = ½ (Wagered Amount * Negative Bet Odds) or ½ of the Initial Wagered Amount

Effective Over/Under Football Betting Strategies to "Outsmart" the Bookmaker

Here are some effective soccer hot tips for consistently winning football over/under bets against the bookmaker:

Choose Major Leagues – A Strategy for Always Winning Football Over/Under Bets

  • If you choose the most popular leagues in the world, there will be plenty of information available, making it easier to grasp and predict the odds.

  • Additionally, major leagues often present favorable odds, providing the best opportunity to profit from the bookmaker.

Analyze Information – The Key to Accurate Over/Under Football Betting

  • Use existing data to analyze over/under odds, including important information such as: the nature of the match, average scoring performance, head-to-head history, and the average number of goals in past encounters.

  • This helps you make more accurate assessments of the two teams' capabilities and place your bets on the winning side.

Choose the Right Time to Place Over/Under Bets

  • It is not necessary to place your bet at the beginning of the match. You should consider betting after at least 10-15 minutes of play.

  • By then, the match dynamics will be clearer, and both teams will have shown their playing styles, giving you a better basis to predict whether there will be many goals or not.

Bet on the Under for Over/Under Football Bets

  • One winning strategy is to choose two teams with minimal difference in class.

  • If the bookmaker sets the odds above 2.5, you should consider betting on the under. For odds below 2.5, consider betting on the over, as this will be the easiest way to win.


The information above covers what football over/under betting is and the secrets to consistently winning these bets.

If you understand these concepts and sporty trader, you will be more confident in reading bookmaker odds and making money from this type of betting.


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