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Benjamin Eliseev
Benjamin Eliseev

Islamic Geometric Design !!TOP!! Downloads Torrent

A selection of luxurious pattern designs with golden accents and elements. These patterns are minimalist, inspired by geometric shapes and the marble effect. Free to download, this style of the pattern will surely bring a vibe of elegance and luxury to each design project. Check out the licensing rules. Attribution is required.

Islamic Geometric Design downloads torrent

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Religious leaders forbade artists from depicting God or human figures in religious art. Instead of using these figures, Islamic artists created intricate patterns and designs such as arabesque (leaves and flowers), tessellations (geometric patterns), and calligraphy (the art of beautiful handwriting). These can be seen on different forms of art such as ceramics, paintings and mosaics. Persian, Arab, and Indian artists excelled at painting miniature works for book illustrations. 350c69d7ab


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