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This functions works without external plugin on MyCommand 5.1.8 or above. If you have an older version, you need to download BarAPI. BarAPI plugin. Download and put it in your plugin folder (ONLY for older version of MyCommand.

You can issue management CLI commands without launching and interacting with the management CLI. This is useful for processing batches of commands and executing commands from scripts. You can either pass in the commands or pass in a file that contains commands to the jboss-cli startup script.

Management CLI commands with if-else control flow can be specified in a file, with each command on a separate line in the file. You can then pass the file to the jboss-cli script to be executed non-interactively using the --file parameter.

Certain aspects of the management CLI can be customized in its configuration file, jboss-cli.xml. This file must be located either in the EAP_HOME/bin directory or in a custom directory specified with the jboss.cli.config system property.

JBoss EAP contains the runtime configuration .jbossclirc file, which helps you to initialize the environment when a new session is launched. This file is located in EAP_HOME/bin/ directory. The example provided in the file can be used as a template for user-specific environment setup. The .jbossclirc file is ideal for storing global CLI variables.

The content of the .jbossclirc file is a list of CLI supported commands and operations. This file is executed when a new management CLI session is launched but before the control is given to the user. If there are system properties specified with --properties argument, then the .jbossclirc file is executed after the properties have been set.

You can capture output and other management CLI information in a log file. By default, management CLI logging is disabled. You can enable it and configure other logging settings using the EAP_HOME/bin/ file.

Using the EAP_HOME/bin/ script to launch the management CLI uses a modular class loading environment. If you use the EAP_HOME/bin/client/jboss-cli-client.jar to run the management CLI in a non-modular class loading environment, you will need to specify the root JBoss EAP installation directory. 59ce067264


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