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[S4E22] The Big Wheel

  • The Big WheelAn UnSub whose OCD compells him to kill women and witnesses to his crimes begs the authorities for help to stop. The BAU comply, and think he must be repeating a pattern he witnessed as a child that he has never gotten out of his system. Ironically, the specificity of his compulsion has allowed him to spare one witness, because he was blind, and he has since befriended his child, who does not know that the man is the same one who murdered his mother.Tropes Chronic Villainy: Noteworthy among the show's usual UnSubs. Vincent's OCD compels him to kill.

  • Freudian Excuse: Vincent witnessed his father stabbing his mother in the stomach when he was a child. As a grown serial killer he stabs his victims in the stomach. The ones he deliberately hunts down are women who resemble his mother.

  • Ironic Fear: Vincent says that he's afraid of heights, but still brings Stan into a ferris wheel.

  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Vincent stabs a gang member who tries to rob him. The gangbanger manages to fatally shoot Vincent in the stomach, though.

  • Mugging the Monster: The two gangbangers who walk up on Vincent clearly didn't count on him having a knife he'd be able to use as fast as he does.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: The gangbanger's partner gets the hell out of dodge when he sees Vincent kill his partner and then take a gut shot while barely blinking. You almost don't blame him.

  • Too Dumb to Live: Stan subverts this trope by sneaking out at night for a drive with his mother's murderer.

  • Verbal Tic: Vincent has a few, like repeating himself twice.

[S4E22] The Big Wheel

The group travels to a mall in Lynbrook to buy a big-screen television as an engagement gift for their friend "The Drake". George, who has borrowed his father's treasured car, parks in a handicapped parking space after being urged by Kramer to do so since they couldn't find any spaces. When they return, they find an angry mob plotting to attack the vehicle's owner because a disabled woman, who had to park in a distant spot because of their illegal parking, has been injured in a wheelchair accident. After sneaking away, they try to come up with a plan to divert the mob's attention and blame both George and Kramer. They later return to find the car demolished.

George invents a preposterous story about being cut off in traffic to explain the accident. While visiting Lola, the injured handicapped woman, at the hospital, Kramer falls in love and feels compelled to replace her wheelchair. George and Kramer buy a used wheelchair of a cheap model. Jerry and Elaine go to have lunch with The Drake after missing his party and discover that he and his fiancée have broken off their engagement. They are indignant that the former couple are not returning their expensive engagement presents to the givers, believing that this should be common courtesy when an engagement is broken. Discreetly inquiring about the TV, they learn that The Drake let his ex-fiance have all the gifts, and she in turn donated them to charity.

Lola breaks up with Kramer and later rolls down a hill in the used wheelchair, which she cannot stop due to faulty brakes. George's first job as his father's butler is to retrieve the big-screen TV at The Drake's house, so that it can be donated to charity. George and Kramer retrieve the TV, then reunite with Jerry and Elaine to return it for a refund. When looking for a parking space at the mall, Kramer tries to talk George into parking next to a fire hydrant, using near-identical rationales as he had at the handicapped spot.

The character of Stellar Eclipse, the pony who sells the Discord-shaped lamps and whose back legs are in a wheelchair cart, was designed after and voiced by Sylvain Levasseur Portelance, a teenage child with spinal muscular atrophy type III, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.[6]

Later on, Catherine gets off of the phone with Brass and relays the information to Grissom that there's no Ernie Menlo in the system; the ID is fake. Grissom bags the wig as evidence and notes that there's gunshot residue in the wound tract; the shots are close range, but non-contact. Because she's unable to find any shell casings, Catherine wonders if this was a professional hit and that the hitman picked them up. David Phillips looks over the body and notes that there are major fractures and lacerations on both of the victim's hands. Lividity is consistent with the body's position; however, Grissom believes that this wasn't a body dump. He bags some of the nearby gravel and glass as evidence. There are tire tracks in the dirt indicating that a vehicle made a three-point turn; Catherine photographs the tracks and whips out a tape measure to measure the wheelbase. Meanwhile, Grissom finds a receipt in the victim's pocket; the victim had won $436,278 at the Rampart Casino the previous morning. He shows the receipt to Catherine and wonders if robbery may be a motive, after all. When Catherine offers to go to the Rampart to speak to Sam Braun, Grissom tells her that she can't. Since Sam is her father, she's off the case due to conflict of interest. Catherine begrudgingly hands him her equipment and walks away.

Warrick goes over the victim's clothing and looks over one of the shoes. On the underside of the shoe, he finds shards of colored glass embedded in the treads. He removes the slip from the shoe and finds an elaborate series of buttons and switches tied to a battery. Warrick finds Grissom and tells him that, as far as he can tell, the device is a wireless receiver. The receiver picks up a signal and solenoids drive the points up against the victim's foot, revealing what to bet on. As of now, Warrick is unsure as to how the victim would know what to bet, as the spin of a roulette wheel is random. Grissom notes that if there's a receiver, there's a transmitter. Sara interrupts them and tells them the victim's real name is Teddy Keller; his name and home address had been recorded when he bought the Rolex.

Warrick and Brass visit Teddy's apartment complex; the manager, Joseph Greene, tells them that Teddy has a roommate named Davis Mullins. They enter the apartment, which Warrick notes is freezing. There's a regulation roulette wheel on a table and various charts and graphs indicating that the roommates had a cheating system in place. Brass searches the apartment and finds Davis lying dead in the bedroom. Davis has also received two gunshots to the back of the head. Warrick notices a blood smear on the Davis' shirt, as well as a white mark on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Brass finds wigs and cosmetics in the closet and a box full of wireless receivers nearby, one of which has a print on the clear plastic covering. Outside of the apartment, Grissom finds shards of colored glass at the bottom of a stairwell.

Grissom and Warrick look over all of the roulette evidence gathered from the apartment. Warrick says that he's seen people beat casinos every which way; however, using their toes is a new one. He then mentions to Grissom that he was reading up on a group of people that used physics to gain an advantage on the roulette wheel. Grissom can see how; the wheel is a fixed mass in a known orbit. However, every roulette wheel is different, as they vary in tilt, wobble, and bounce. Warrick guesses that the guy with the transmitter did the calibration and noted the position of the ball, and that the computer could play out the spin in milliseconds, predicting the result. The transmitter would then send the code to the receiver, allowing the other person to place their bet. Warrick says that this system gave Davis and Teddy a 44% advantage over the house, whereas the house usually has a 5.26% edge. In other words, the cheaters were winning $2,200 per hour for every $100 they bet. Nick walks in and says that they got a hit off of the print recovered from the transmitter in the shoe; the print belongs Seth Landers, an electrical engineering grad student at WLVU. Seth has a record, having gotten arrested a few years back for making fake IDs. 041b061a72


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