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Easton King
Easton King

Broken Skateboard Clip Art

"The best thing about broken skateboards are the stories they hold. Skateboard road trips to new places, laughing with your friends till your face hurts, landing a new trick... every skateboard holds memories like these. We love that we are able to carry those stories on forever in the keepsakes we create through recycling them."

Broken Skateboard Clip Art

We are skateboarders from Portland, Oregon USA that make jewelry and accessories out of recycled skateboards and industrial skateboard waste.We believe in hard work, quality over quantity, and good people.

It all sounded so... cool! How awesome would it be to ride a bike out of your front door and disappear into nature for a few days? To feel the wind in your hair and to see the stars late at night, by a campfire you built with kindling and parts of a broken chair you find next to the road?

I envision that someday I will suddenly learn to be comfortable in the great outdoors and not get the willies at the idea of snakes, poison oak, and ticks carrying Lyme disease. One of these days, I will ride my bike/skateboard/land-sail across continents, and go skinny dipping in Lake Titicaca, and camp along the rocks in Kazakhstan. 041b061a72


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