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Where To Buy Table Tennis Racket

You see, I've been playing and writing about table tennis since 1971 and I've built up a wealth of knowledge about choosing table tennis equipment so, in this five-part series of pages about the racket, I'd like to share that knowledge with you.

where to buy table tennis racket

Depending on where you live in the world you may call them table tennis rackets, table tennis paddles, table tennis bats, ping pong rackets, ping pong paddles or ping pong bats ... but we're all referring to the piece of equipment that you use to hit the ball.

High performance table tennis paddles for serious competitors. Crafted of select woods and carbon fiber, and finished with high tension Fortissimo rubbers, these rackets provide the speed, spin and control you need to win.

Kido Series ping pong paddles feature exceptional speed, spin and control, and are perfect for tournament play or home/office competition. With a Kido in your hand, your table tennis game will never be the same.

Impact Series is a new generation of our Jet Series. These ping pong paddles feature exceptional speed, spin and control, and are perfect for tournament play or home/office competition. With an Impact in your hand, your table tennis game will never be the same.

A step down from the Palio Legends 2 is the Palio Expert 2, one of the best ping pong paddles for beginners. It, too, is a collaboration between the Chinese brand Palio and table tennis specialists Expert Table Tennis. This paddle is simply a more muted version of the Expert 2, which is more fitting for beginners. It uses CJ800 rubbers which are similarly tacky but not as fast as the Hadou rubbers. As a beginner, this bat is everything you need to become familiar with strokes and understand spin mechanics.

Kicking off our first bat for intermediate players is the Yasaka Mark V racket. A staple of the table tennis world, the Yasaka Mark V rubber has helped table tennis players win many titles, including former world number 1 Ma Lin. However, despite its usage at the top of the sport, it is still a great rubber for players who have not quite yet reached an advanced level. It is not as fast or spinny as the top rubbers today, which means it offers more control in the lower gears. In my opinion, it is the perfect rubber for players looking to dive into custom equipment. The lack of a catapult effect means it plays very linearly, which is ideal for players trying to learn advanced shots such as loops.

There are three factors that determine the style of play a particular table tennis bat favors. These are speed, spin, and control, and we use these to distinguish the best ping pong paddles from the rest.

Choosing the right paddle will also depend on how you grip the bat. There are lots of different ways to hold the bat but the most popular ones are the Shakehand and the Penhold grip. We have a more detailed guide on how to grip a table tennis bat.

Butterfly is a leading online table tennis store, offering professional table tennis equipment, including ping pong tables and ping pong paddles for experts. Quickly advance your game to the next level with a table tennis racket from our selection.

Butterfly Table Tennis is proud to support a community of teams, clubs, tournaments, coaches, players, and more. From the most elite to casual weekenders to everyone in between, we carry superior table tennis equipment for all types of players. Stay up-to-date with the latest table tennis news, events, and training tips by visiting our news page.

The combination is recommended for blocking and counter topspin close to the table. The racket also offers a good experience of topspin against topspin play in the mid/mid-long distance. Innerforce Layer ALC.S which has less bounce is also recommended if you seek more stability.

The right table tennis paddle is the difference-maker your game needs-whether you're a novice or experienced player. Players need a paddle that maximizes both power and control, while minimizing vibration. And the latest designs are specially crafted to give a comfortable, ergonomic grip, so you can focusing on taking down the competition.

Customize your game with table tennis paddle sets that come with multiple racquets, including mini-size racquets. Many paddles come in fun colors and designs-so you can make your mark on the game. For more, shop the entire collection of table tennis equipment from Sitga and other top brands at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

As a general rule of thumb, we would advise you to avoid any table tennis bat that has its rubber covered by a fancy looking piece of paper with a top player on it. You want to be able to see the quality of the rubbers and this is a clever way of hiding that.

Eastfield Sporting Goods Company was started in late 2014 as a distinctively British brand producing premium table tennis goods. By November 2016, the Eastfield Allround was on sale to the general public.

Palio is a Chinese table tennis brand that specializes in making high-quality and affordable table tennis rubbers and blades. Established table tennis coaches are well aware of the excellent performance of Palio products and have been recommending them to new players for years.

Fortunately, Mellonta Sports launched in 2018 with the sole mission of importing previously unavailable table tennis equipment into the Indian market. So, you can now buy Eastfield and Palio table tennis racquets in India via Amazon.

Another good option for ready-made bats is Amazon. The good thing about Amazon is you can read lots of user reviews to help you make an informed choice. My personal favourite is the Bribar Allround Professional (read review), but all the table tennis bats listed below are very good choices for intermediate players.

When the season finished, I bought my next bat. This time I went for an all-round blade, and rubbers with a bit more control. There was an instant improvement. I stopped making so many unforced errors and I was enjoying my table tennis again.

Want to win more points and games? Join my new online table tennis academy and get access to exclusive coaching tips, live demonstrations, seminars, training drills, skills challenges and more. Read more

Hey Chris! Thank you so much for your kind review. We have dedicated so much time and effort in perfecting the custom paddle process, you have no idea how much your review means to us. Thanks again and come on back soon if you ever need any other table tennis equipment!

A table tennis racket (also known as a "paddle" or "bat") is used by table tennis players. It is usually made from laminated wood covered with rubber on one or two sides depending on the player's grip. Unlike a conventional "racket", it does not include strings strung across an open frame. Though the official ITTF term is "racket",[1] the US generally uses the term "paddle", while Europe and Asia use the term "bat".

Table tennis regulations approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) allow different surfaces on each side of the paddle for varying amountof spin (including nullifying it) or speed.[2] For example, a player may have a spin-heavy rubber on one side of his paddle, and no spin on the other side. The player can flip the racket during play for different types of returns. To help a player distinguish between different types of rubber used by his opponent, regulations specify that one side of a paddle must be red, blue, violet, pink, or green while the other must be black, allowing a player to see what side of a paddle hits the ball mid-play. The player has the right to inspect his opponent's racket before a match to see the type and color. Current rules state that, unless damaged in play, the paddle cannot be exchanged for another at any time during a match.

Normally, a sheet of rubber is glued to a blade using table tennis brand glues such as STIGA, Butterfly, Donic, or DHS. Some glues may work even if they are not designed specifically for table tennis rackets, such as rubber cement and tear mender.[citation needed].[4] The rubber is not removed until it wears out or becomes damaged. In the 1980s, some players developed a new technique with a special glue called speed glue to apply the rubber every time they played[citation needed]. The glue would help provide more spin and speed by providing a "catapult" effect[citation needed]. Speed glue and all other compounds containing high VOC content were allowed for the last time in the 2008 Summer Olympics and are currently disallowed by ITTF regulations.[1]

Prior to 2021, the laws of table tennis specified that one side of the bat must be red and the other black. However, in 2021 the rules were officially amended so that blue, green, purple, and pink bats could be used as well as red ones. Nevertheless, one side must still remain black.[6]

In almost no other sports does the equipment play such an important and decisive role. Whether you are a hobby player, who goes to a sports store to buy a table tennis racket for your leisure time, or a club player, who wants to change your racket after the season, because your demands and skills have increased, or you are dissatisfied with the current equipment, choosing a new table tennis racket is difficult.

The change of a blade should be well considered in any case. Your first step can be the racket of a fellow club member, whose equipment can be tested. In addition, there are many local TT stores where you can get test sets, which makes testing easier. Much more attention than on the attributes within the product descriptions should be devoted to the structure of the individual blade. Elastic 5-ply allwood blades without a fiber such as carbon support the spin game and are generally more controlled and softer to play. 041b061a72


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