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Bennett Myers
Bennett Myers

Dirty Fantasy [v2.0.5] [APK]

Dead Cells gives people journeys full of entertainment but with a lot of fierceness to enjoy the real-time action elements to the fullest. It also has a unique storyline and lots of mischievous elements to lighten the atmosphere while applying the grimdark fantasy style to every dungeon. On top of that, its additional DLCs are all high quality and ready to give everyone a lot of depression when facing fun and boisterous enemies.

Dirty Fantasy [v2.0.5] [APK]

The battles with bosses in Dead Cells culminate in entertainment when everything is fast fierce, and there is no stopping point for players to adapt. They are also scumbags and have a lot of dirty tricks to bring depression to players while mocking them during actual combat or doing combos. Fortunately, their rewards are always generous and give the player plenty of advancement in changing themselves or progressing with the plot.

The steps below provide a quick and dirty workaround so you can build the app while Bintray is down. A more proper solution would be to fork the plugin and make changes to your fork as suggested by Eldar Miensutov, but it might be a bit overkill for a temporary server error. 041b061a72


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